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Posted by on Nov 19, 2014 in Health | 23 comments

My Health Care Premiums, Part 2


Recently, I kept my months old promise to report on my 2015 health care premiums at Kaiser California in a post that generated considerable comments. Most were attempting to be helpful or empathetic. Some suggesting “I shop around” or “turn 65” (we do have a mature readership that is openly very progressive).

That’s all good.

But a key point missed by some readers was that I am not part of an exchange in California; and that millions and millions and millions (tens and tens of millions) of people are experiencing my type of distress.

In the previous post I said my premiums were going up 44%. Since I don’t do Grubers (in public), today I am reporting that the deal was signed and my premiums _only_ went up 30%.


But not so much. I chose to pay top shelf because I like my doctors, and as everyone knows (including Gruber and Obama), we have to pay out the nose to keep those doctors ‘we knows’ (period).

I have a follow up article in the barrel about that … and the redundancy costs it costs us (patients and America and insurance companies) when we start all over with a clueless physician who is not equipped to ‘know’ and is frustrated by being asked to know.

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