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Posted by on Apr 18, 2013 in International, Law, Media, Military, Places, Politics, Religion, Terrorism, War | 9 comments

‘Having Sown the Wind … America Reaps the Whirlwind’ – Iraqi and Jordanian Reactions to Boston

Does the United States government bare some responsibility for the pain being felt in Boston and around the country today? Amid the commentary coming in from around the world, from some quarters there is a certain sense of schadenfreude – which means in German to take pleasure in the pain of others. In these two articles posted today, one from Iraq’s Al-Iraq News and the other from Jordan’s Al Ghad, the case is made that Monday’s terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon is a direct result foreign policies related to an ill-conceived ‘war on terror’ and America’s use of terrorists as a foreign policy tool.

First, in a brief commentary from Al-Iraq News, in an article headlines Having Sown the Wind … America Reaps the Whirlwind, columnist Filah Al Mishaal expresses disgust at what the U.S. has done to his country, and asserts that the coming wave of terrorist attacks on America are a direct result of U.S. policies that created ‘Islamist political terrorist organizations’ in the first place.

America created al-Qaeda and extreme Islamist political terrorist organizations in many countries, to have them sow discord and sectarian conflict with left wing and nationalist parties in countries that were subject to its aggression. That includes Iraq, which is still paying the bill for America’s crimes and errors in the blood of innocent lives. The victims in Boston and other places are suffering as a result of a ball of fire striking back at America for its ever-increasing involvement in terror, according to the proverb: “they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind”!

Then, in a velvet-glove version of the same narrative, columnist Jihad Al Muhaysin of Jordan’s Al Ghad, in an article headlined Bostonians Hit By the ‘Plague of the Century, writes that it was regrettable that innocent people were being killed in ‘counter-productive’ terrorist attacks before Boston, and it is just as regrettable now. And he lays responsibility for all of it at the foot of American foreign policy since the September 11 attacks.

Nowhere in the world is immune from this outrageous cycle of violence. The day before yesterday, Boston was the target. It is a sad thing indeed that the victims were helpless innocents who didn’t deserve to bear the burden of America’s global policies, and are not responsible for its consequences. The same applies to Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Britain, France, and any place on the surface of the earth. … The plague of blood unleashed after September 11 is now striking everywhere.

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