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Posted by on Feb 13, 2016 in Politics | 18 comments

Harry Reid Slams Republicans for Punting Antonin Scalia’s Replacement to Next President

Sen. Harry Reid slammed Republican senators on waiting to fill the Supreme Court seat following Justice Antonin Scalia’s death on Saturday. The White House has issued a statement that President Obama will nominate a replacement for Scalia.

Reid tweeted:  “Would be unprecedented in recent history for SCOTUS to go year with vacancy. And shameful abdication of our constitutional responsibility.”

“The President can and should send the Senate a nominee right away. The Senate has a responsibility to fill vacancies as soon as possible,” Reid tweeted.

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell said the next president will confirm the justice to take Scalia’s place. Ted Cruz and others are calling for a shutdown of the Supreme Court. This will backfire on the GOP.

Justice Scalia was found dead at a luxury ranch in West Texas on Saturday, MySanAntonio reports. He was 79.

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  • Slamfu

    I can’t believe the gall of Ted Cruz and other Republicans making that insane request. Those folks are just in fantasyland.

    • I can.

    • KP

      I agree with you in that our President should get busy replacing Justice Scalia, ASAP.

      Let the system play out as it should.

      I am firmly left on social issues so no worries here.

      What galls me is that Harry Reid, the most destructive politician in the last decade, is still talking and that ideologues are still listening.

      I am not registered as a Democrat because of Harry Reid.

      His sycophants have lost credibility.

      • I am not a big fan of Reid either…or Pelosi for that matter.

        • Slamfu

          Ditto that. Reid is the typical politician who just cares about being elected and not much else. He is captain of the spineless political windsock caucus and I was really rooting for him to lose in 2012, but the GOP was stupid enough to run Sharon Angle so it didn’t really matter. There was in interview with one of Reid’s senior advisors on The Daily Show contrasting American politicians and their goals with those of Australia’s. Asked what makes a good politician, Reid’s adviser said immediately, with no hesitation, “Winning elections”. When asked if he wanted to rethink that answer, he got a confused look on his face for a few seconds, and with another prompting or two finally said, “oh yea, serving the public” or something like that. Clearly he had to dig deep to remember that fact. Sigh. Pelosi is little better.

          • Slamfu

            Oh I’m sorry, his second answer was “Raising money”. It was on the third try that he got the public service answer. “You guys can edit that out, right?” “Sure thing”, said Wyatt Cenac 🙂

      • SteveK

        [quote] I am not registered as a Democrat because of Harry Reid. [end quote]

        I feel your pain… Darn that Harry Reid!!!

        If not for:
        Mitch McConnell…
        John Boehner…
        the “Freedom 40″…
        the “Tea Party”…
        the “Religious Right”…
        24/7/365 Obstruction of the Government of the United States of America
        a record number of filibuster / clotures when in the minority…
        a record of inaction when in the majority…
        a conscious / intentional attempt to restrict voter rights…
        Republican sponsored right wing hate radio, Fox News, etc. etc. etc.

        I’d be a Republican.

        • KP

          I guess one of us is closer than the other 🙂

  • JSpencer

    “This will backfire on the GOP.”

    Seems like they would realize that by now… but no.

    • STinMN

      It won’t backfire on the GOP simply because their current supporters claim to revere the constitution until it doesn’t fit their needs. They won’t see anything wrong in abdicating constitutional duty as long as the action gets them what they want, god given constitution be damned.

      Those Republicans (and everyone else) who would be critical of them are no longer relevant to the current GOP, and their voices will not be heard in the echo chamber of Republican leadership.

      • JSpencer

        If they try to shut down the supreme ct. it will backfire on them. Everything else you say about them is true.

      • Slamfu

        Well hardcore Republican supporters will not be deterred by this, in fact they are the ones clamoring for it, but there are many Americans still undecided, for some mystifying reason, as to who the real problem is in DC, and this might open a few of their eyes and drive them away from the GOP. At least I hope so. After multiple attemps to shut the govt down and default on our debts for no earthly reason, 50+ symbolic votes to repeal the ACA, 8 Benghazi hearings, their party wide instant promise to reject the Iran deal before they even saw it, promising to keep Obama to a single term as their #1 priority about 10 seconds after the man was sworn in, their recent refusal to even meet with the President’s people on this years spending bill, and about a million other blatant ways to throw a public tantrum instead of governing, who knows what will finally clue so many in to which party is the one mucking up the works. But every little bit helps I suppose 🙂

  • Bob Munck

    There are several very tangible ways that stalling will kick the GOP in the head. For example, when the suits against the EPA regulations for the Clean Air Act rise to the Supreme Court, a 4-4 vote will uphold the EPA against all those Republican special interests.

    • JSpencer

      Any such kickings in the head will be welcome rays of sunshine in my world.

  • Again, satirist Andy Borowitz says it best.

    Referring to Mitch McConnell’s — an other Republicans, notably Ted Cruz — quibbling about how much time president Obama has left in office and what his Constitutional authority should be, Borowitz satirizes that McConnell warns Obama “’in no uncertain terms’ against doing anything in his remaining three hundred and forty days in office:”


    The President should be aware that, for all intents and purposes, his term in office is already over. It’s not the time to start doing things when you have a mere eight thousand one hundred and sixty hours left.

    Continuing to quibble about Obama’s eleven months remaining in the White House, McConnell calls it “an honest disagreement about how long eleven months is” and claims that while the President believes it is almost one year he believes “it is almost zero years. I’m not a mathematician, but I believe I am right.”

    How would McConnell, according to Borowitz, want Obama to spend his remaining time in office?

    “If the President has trouble doing nothing, we will be more than happy to show him how it is done.”

    Reade more of Borowitz’ satire piecehere

    • JSpencer

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Slamfu

      Borowitz +1, as usual 🙂

  • JSpencer

    “Does anyone imagine that if a Republican president were residing in the White House, prominent Republicans would insist that he abdicate his responsibility to the next president to appoint a replacement for a Supreme Court justice? But insisting a Democrat must is what passes for a principled stand in today’s Republican Party.” – Digby Parton

    Democrats aren’t part of the real America, so the “principled stand” makes sense.

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