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Posted by on Mar 5, 2016 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, African-Americans, Featured, Hispanics, Native Americans, Politics | 22 comments

Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Have You Turned into Zombies? [update]


[Update at bottom]
There is a Quiet of the Dead in the GOP from formerly highly talkative persons who had opinings and ideas about everything GOP.

Were Trump a zombie film, the streets of the cities would be gray and gray people shuffling wordlessly while Trump lay waste to whatever and whomever was left… with no resistance.

My hunch: Newt, Cheney and Rove have had more than one confab. But havent moved fast enough, even though no doubt their own ‘operatives/researchers’ know plenty of the ‘not presidential’ about Trump.

I just wondered Newt, Cheney and Rove: why are you waiting to speak?

Just hearing the gross and grotesque screeching of Trump about how he is going to punish others at will, force the military to do his bidding, sounding like a child demanding not to go to sleep, his bragging about his penis, but most of all in addition to the crude and base words that spew from his mouth as he gets carried away by the adulation of his audience… the manhandling and assaulting of persons ‘removed’ from his presence, the manner in which it has been done –brutally– and the spitting on and cursing others that come from some of his supporters…

really Newt, really Dick, really Karl, this is what you want the GOP to be rooted in? Really?

You all said after the last two elections, you wanted to reach out to Latinos, Blacks, and more. To bring us under your tent. Me and my family are Native American, Black and Latino, and I’m sorry, but there is no welcome mat in the GOP for us that we can see via Trump. Trump spoke against Native Americans long ago when he felt he was treated unfairly re his casinos vs how the sovereign nations were treated re their casinos.

Instead it is non-stop insult, debasement, demeaning. We’re not good enough to be here in the USA according to Trump, and God forbid if we were Muslim on top of it all. Not good enough to be here, but, we would be the first to be sent to die in war. How is that being welcomed into the GOP? “You cant live here in the US, but you go elsewhere to die for the US.”

No. And No. And endless No.

For why are you not speaking out… about that kind of treatment of us… and about a man who it is hard for us to believe, that you, as reasoned persons, would actually endorse, a man of clear impulse control issues, a man who appears to long for vulgarity.

Remember, not that long ago, there were statesmen and stateswomen. They did not throw temper tantrums in public aisles. They did not conduct themselves like war mongers and first amendment haters, they did not try to silence the press, they did not decide a woman’s worth by how she looked to his sexual filters, they were not obsessive about someone’s place of birth. They gave their minds and hearts to greater ideas and actions.

Newt. Dick. Karl… why are you pretending to be part of the shuffling zombie crowd?

Update: Values, where have they gone? Apparently Newt is speaking for Trump:

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