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Posted by on Nov 14, 2016 in Family | 8 comments

Happily Ever After … (updated 11/16 with Cool)

Jackie ... Joes Dog

Above is JSpencer’s, JACKIE!

More about Jackie, to come.

I have been considering getting another dog.

Deep breath …. yummy.

As I told JSpencer off line I think I could be a better daddio to my new pup with additional wisdom gained since my Reno left after fifteen years, three years ago.

However, I won’t enter into that type relationship lightly. Love is intertwined with pain. One thing I know for certain, any new pup of mine would live happily ever after. It’s me I am concerned about. Hope that makes sense.

Back to JSpencer’s “Jackie” ===>

He found Jackie “via the Australian Shepherd rescue organization in Michigan in 2005. She was two years old at the time.

“They were having a hard time placing her due to her temperament, which included aggressive tendencies. When she first met me it was a lot of growling and pretty much the opposite of any behaviors that would endear her to anyone. I just ignored her and waited until she got curious enough to chill out. After awhile, she calmed down, came up and sat down leaning up against me. That was it for both of us and I brought her home. She learned how to live with cats and behave when other people were around. Jackie was what they refer to as a velcro dog, she had to be with me wherever I was. I trained her to respond to hand signals and she was one of the smartest, loyal, and obedient dogs I’ve had in my life. She was also a great frisbee player, happy, playful, and much loved.”


Readers at TMV know Brownies girl. Meet mister Brownie, above. One of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. Drop dead gorgeous. Happily Ever After … indeed. She says, “my beloved doggie — gone now almost two years, and I still miss him like crazy!”

Ojos azules also has Ramsey, Sophie and Miss Mayday, the cat. These folks won the home lottery. They love mommy and visa versa.


Miss Sophie

Miss Mayday

dduck has made me do a double take when considering a cat. The image below is of his lassie, TANGO. I would call her heart breaker.

dduck's cat

My own good friend was “Reno”, a thirty five pound Qeensland Heeler. The picture of her below is at age fifteen. It looks like she is mellow. I got her when she was a few weeks old. A true working dog and hellion. Smarter than I and as loyal as they come. Mellow, not! She once chewed part way through an oak door when a plumber showed up. I saw her attack a pit bull who ran and barked at my daughter. She always sat at my feet, except that year my daughter had cancer and was doing chemo. She wouldn’t leave her side.


Below is Stella!

She came to us from Steve, aka STinMN

“We got Stella 4 months after we needed to put down our 15 year-old Westie after a long battle with cancer. Stella is a 5 year-old west highland terrier that came to our family from a rescue group after being with 4 different families.”

“She is the sweetest dog, friendly to everyone, and will never pass up an opportunity to snuggle in someone’s lap. That’s when she isn’t enjoying a snooze in the sun, watching for those dastardly squirrels, or destroying another tennis ball. But she is a terrier, wanting to chase any squirrel, rabbit, or chipmunk she sees, dig (which she is free to do if she gets the mole that’s been making a mess of the yard,) and needs a LONG walk every day.”



Lap Love!


So if you and your hips have it all together; you might jog with your Vizsla. He or she will wait for you, as my bro’s pup demonstrates: Some Dawgs are strong.

“What a dog wants, What a dog needs … Whatever makes me happy sets you free…”


Happily Ever After …

We can update posts here, so if you want to add some love and images to this thread it might go on for years. It is a super moon tonight. E-mail kevprcll at aol dot com. Make me work

You may enjoy the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” coming soon.

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