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Posted by on Jan 14, 2010 in Politics, Society | 12 comments

Haiti Should Be A No Politics Zone

As we watch the tragedy in Haiti and the amazing efforts of the world community (led as is often the case by the United States) I hope that for once we can avoid the partisanship that seems to flow in to almost any story these days.

So just to make it clear.

This is not the time for those on the right to try and attack Obama for not doing enough or for spending money where he should not or any other attack.

This is also not the time for those on the left to raise the Katrina story and talk about how Bush would have done this or that wrong now.

This is not the time for any other partisan political attack, critique, etc. You do NOT make political hay out of dying people. Not now, not ever.

People are dying and for once it’s time for all of us to put aside politics and unite to help the suffering end.

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