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Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in International | 5 comments

Greek State Tries to Stem Neo-Nazi Rise

Greek state tries to stem neo-Nazi rise (via AFP)

Following its unprecedented election to parliament, Greece’s neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn has been engaged in ‘law and order’ crackdowns and solidarity gestures that have boosted its popularity, alarming the state. In recent weeks the once-fringe group has organised Greeks-only food handouts and blood…

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  • WesleyV

    The thinking of this group is common in many lands from the Jobbik in Hungary to the Tea Party in America. It is a warning that capitalism offers no solutions to working people.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    The Jobbik is Hungary’s third largest political party and is not a Nazi-oriented group. The Jobbik’s concerns have been like those of many many others before them in Hungary through many regimes … in the main, an idea that there are majority genetic bloodline Hungarians… a ‘true Hungarian’ language… and then there are the big minority groups in Hungary, who are born as citizens in Hungary, but are not considered ‘true’ Hungarians… even though many from the property lines shifted from the AustriaHungarian war and all skirmishes including the devastation of WWII and then the occupation for decades by Stalin/ Red Army/Soviets… and persons from the previous austriohungarian empire have been Hungarian citizens for about 200 years now. Since forever in our majority Hungarian and minority Hungarian family, both, there has been this struggle for parity on the parts of the minority groups, and an idea of superiority by the majority group. Hungary’s capitalism is very alive and very well. They have had, as have most countries, financial fallout from various points including the selling of known poisonous investments to other nations by US bankers and investmentors.

  • Willwright

    One difference between the European and American far right is age. The tea party and like groups here are made up of people like me, old fat white men trying to hold on to the past. In Europe these groups have large numbers of youthful followers due to high unemployment. I think the European variant is more dangerous as a result. The main danger in the U.S. variant is that it is backed by some very deep pocketed individuals. Without the money the U.S. variety would be little more than a handful cranks without major influence on our political processes.

  • ShannonLeee

    It’s not just high unemployment. As you can read in this story, neo nazies are now well organized across Europe and they are finding there way into younger communities and are “turning” kids before they reach college. Their behavior is somewhat similar to what we see by Hezbollah.

  • Don’t we have enough going on in this without Nazis?

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