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  • The_Ohioan

    I predict the Tea Party aficionados will form a third party by 2016 and the flight from their ranks of Republican politicians will be decisive. American politics has always shied away from extremists and we’d better hope that hasn’t changed. The boil is about to burst – and none too soon.

  • sheknows

    I predict the Tea party will stop identifying itself as such and just call themselves Republicans in the future. We will know them by their backers, but they will just be as I have called them before ” the new Republicans”…only they won’t say new.
    See, the “establishment” GOP is hanging on by a thread due to age. They are on their way out and will be replaced by others who have a new identity and agenda for the GOP.

    We have a whole new way of looking at life in this country now, just as we have had a new way of looking at politics.

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