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Posted by on Nov 29, 2014 in Featured, Politics | 33 comments

GOP Staffer Elizabeth Lauten Apologizes for Vicious Attack on Sasha & Malia Obama

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Elizabeth Lauten, communications director for Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-TN), apologized for viciously attacking Sasha and Malia Obama in a Facebook rant for not “showing a little class” and not dressing “like you deserve respect and not a spot at the bar.” This all stems from their appearance at the White House turkey pardoning ceremony. Yeah, they were acting just like teenagers — unimpressed with their father. Nothing new.

Here’s a screenshot of Elizabeth Lauten’s Facebook rant which was later deleted [H/T The Root’s Yesha Callahan]:

GOP Bully Elizabeth Lauten Apologizes for Saying Obama's Daughters Dressed for "Bar"

GOP Bully Elizabeth Lauten Apologizes for Saying Obama’s Daughters Dressed for “Bar”

Lauten later issued a so-called apology:

I reacted to an article and quickly judged the two young ladies in a way that I would never have wanted to be judged myself as a teenager. After many hours of prayer, talking to my parents and re-reading my words online, I can see more clearly how hurtful my words were. Please know that these judgmental feelings truly have no pace in my heart. Furthermore, I’d like to apologize to all of those who I have hurt and offended with my words, and pledge to learn and grow (and I assure you I have) from this experience. Source: Gawker

Um, she didn’t need advice from her parents and prayers to figure out that you don’t pick on kids. Shameful to try to attack them as bar slags particularly since George W. Bush’s daughters’ had numerous bar trips, including citations.

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  • Kurt 20008

    I think she is in the wrong profession and needs to find different employment.

  • DdW

    Here is a great response to that idiot:

    • JSpencer

      A nicely restrained reply to someone who came across as a crazed harpy.

  • Edith Conner-King

    She needs to go, if you pick on children you are a P.O.S. !

  • ShannonL

    I never quite understood how people have a hard time leaving kids out of politics. I seem to recall a number of Dems that wanted to go after the Palin kids…. something about the baby … it was dirty and luckily it never went national.

    • rudi

      The Palin kids aren’t kids in their teens. Look at the history of the Palin’s. The Bush kids were just doing what kids do. The Palin’s are one bad step from a REAL police blotter.

      • ShannonL

        My problem was that they wanted to bring the birth origin of the baby into question…something like that. I dont remember the details anymore.

  • The_Ohioan

    So we’re going to attack W’s daughters while defending B’s? Sand box.
    The apology sounded sincere to me. Of course caustic politics leave a lot of room for such apologies.

    • dduck12

      Unfortunately fair game, Ohio. W’s kids were older though.
      However, I’m still pissed that BO was chewing gum while meeting with the Chinese. Him I can go after, right? And, can I praise his speech on the night of the non-indictment.

      • JSpencer

        That’s nicotine gum he chews, so you could think of him as setting a good example in a country where a million people a year die from tobacco related diseases. Btw, that nicotine gum is expensive, I know because I chew a lot of it.

        • dduck12

          Sorry, I don’t care that it is nicotine gum. Still disrespectful, so I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

          • I think that it makes a huge difference knowing it is nicotine gum. Using a medication is far different from chewing normal chewing gum.

          • dduck12

            Really, well we disagree.

  • kritt11

    This just shows how rotten partisans have really become- nothing is off limit -absolutely nothing. Shameful to diss these two lovely young ladies to score a few political points

  • sheknows

    “After many hours of prayer, talking to my parents and re-reading my words online, I can see more clearly how hurtful my words were.”
    And she had absolutely no idea when they spewed out of her mouth.
    This was just an opportunity to be hateful and Republican, and combine them for the perfect holiday effect.

    • JSpencer

      Well heck, she’s ahead of the game now. Next time she can do it without having to pray!

      • sheknows

        lol…and what is she praying for or about?? Her apology kind of misses the point. The point is why she even thinks that way. I wonder if a good minister ( or psychiatrist) could help her understand her deep seated bigotry and hatred. She should be praying to remove the hatred from herself…not to find the right words to publicly apologize.

  • shaun

    I always love the “many hours of prayer” comments or their holider-than-thou equivalents when a public figure, usually and reliably a Republican who can barely conceal their hatred for Obama and racist views, issues an “apology.”

    By the way, I had this to say many moons ago about going after First Children. I would not change a word of it today:

    • JSpencer

      Actions speak louder than praying in public.

  • kritt11

    Why would anyone need to pray about this? Maybe she was praying that the uproar would die down and her hide would be saved– any apology that occurs only after a blow-up is normally self-serving and not sincere

  • The_Ohioan

    Assuming knowledge of what another’s prayers are for or about is risky business. As is judging an apology’s sincerity. Eye, mote, beam.

    • kritt11

      Assuming that a bored expression is cause for excoriation is even riskier, apparently

      • The_Ohioan

        True. Ms. Lauten has received, and will continue to receive, in return, more of the mean spiritedness that she exhibited no matter how much she may now regret her actions. Winds and whirlwinds.

  • DdW

    This comment has been edited, after realizing that the New Yorker piece was satire:

    Repeat: Satire

    The New Yorker:

    Republican congressional aide Elizabeth Lauten said on Sunday morning that she “deeply regretted” her attack on Sasha and Malia Obama because it “completely overshadowed the vicious insults I hurled at their parents.”

    Appearing on Fox News, Lauten said, “If I had to do it over again, I’d leave the
    girls out of it so that the horrible things I said about their parents
    would have had a chance to shine through. I’m kicking myself about
    Saying that she had “learned my lesson” from the incident, she added, “I put a
    lot of work into crafting malicious insults about Barack and Michelle
    Obama, and those insults have largely been ignored. That’s the real
    tragedy here.”

    Visibly emotional, Lauten said that having her attacks on the First Couple be
    overlooked “has been a source of great personal suffering for me,” but
    added, “I refuse to call myself a victim.”

    “If what I’ve gone through helps others to do a better job of vilifying the
    President and the First Lady, it will all have been worth it,” she

    • The_Ohioan

      Borowitz has it right. Had she left out the children, it would have been just one more mean spirited attack on the Obamas like we see all the time in emails from our bigoted friends. Of course it wouldn’t have been so vicious had she not attacked the parents through the children and that is what has brought the world’s indignation to bear.

      The apology is the Obamas’ to accept or dismiss. I’m pretty sure they will have prayed about that as well as Ms. Lauten says she has. It’s one of the most difficult things to do to turn the other cheek when our children are attacked.

      The rest of us will have to view the apology through the veil of our own human frailties and hope that our righteous indignation does not become as vicious as the original error.

      • DdW

        Having seen way too many so-called “apologies” after similar vicious attacks on Democratic presidents’ children (and especially on this President) color me “righteously indignant.”


        • The_Ohioan

          My color, too, so nothing to be sorry about. But I’ve never known you to be vicious, Dorian.

          • DdW

            If being totally offended by, disgusted with and righteously indignant with this woman is vicious,then so be it.

          • The_Ohioan

            Maybe I should have said “AND I’ve never known you to be vicious”? Or just “I’ve never known you to be vicious”. You are too mature for that foolishness. Sorry for the stumble.

          • DdW

            I was 99.9% sure that you didn’t mean anything untoward, T.O., but sometimes I just like to pull people’s chains. Now that is vicious, and I should apologize — no stumble on your part.

            Take care.

  • Slamfu

    Reminds me of the time I decided Rush Limbaugh and anyone who routinely listens to his show is a scumbag. Back in the 90’s when he called Chelsea Clinton the new White House dog I remember thinking “what kind of a grown man goes after a teenage girl on national platform like a radio show?”. I didn’t like that then, I didn’t like the attempts to go after the Bush daughters, and I don’t like this.

    By all means, go after the kids. I’ll know who not to vote for.

  • It has been announced that she is resigning today.

  • DdW

    The Smoking Gun

    The Republican congressional aide who castigated the Obama
    daughters for their lack of “class” and dressing as if they were angling for a
    “spot at a bar” was once arrested for larceny during her own “awful teen
    years,” court records show.

    Lauten…was arrested in December 2000 for misdemeanor larceny, according to court records. Lauten, then 17, was collared for stealing from a Belk
    department store in her North Carolina hometown.

    Because Lauten was a first-time offender, her case was handled via the
    District Court’s deferred prosecution program, which resulted in the charge’s
    eventual dismissal after the future scold stayed out of trouble for a
    prescribed period.

    Since Lauten was just another teenager caught shoplifting at the mall, it
    appears unlikely that she was publicly pilloried for her lack of class, nor
    were her parents criticized as poor role models.

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