GOP should moderate social platform to win over fiscally conservative youth (via The Christian Science Monitor)

Though the presidential election is now weeks past, Republicans continue to soul-search about the best path forward. With the fiscal cliff looming, some Republicans have worried publicly that their party will be perceived as protecting the wealthy if they don’t agree to raise tax rates for the top…

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  • Dropping their “morality platform” would go a long way to winning MY vote, and I’m in my 40’s!

    They need to drop all of their discriminatory positions NOW. Focus on running the country well, not pillorozing certain groups…

  • An intelligent, thoughtful and well written piece. Thank you.

    My primary concern with the theory expressed is the inability to quantify the number of right wing (Tea Party) extremists and/or religious extremists who would cease voting Republican or perhaps bolt to a third party if their hot button issues were pushed aside.

    A secondary concern is how, at a practicle level, this author, or other authors subscribing to the same theory, believe the right wing and religious factions can be dislodged from power to allow a move to the center.

  • zusa1

    “GOP Should Moderate Social Platform to Win Over Fiscally Conservative Youth”
    At some point, the fiscally conservative youth will be the GOP.

  • roro80

    At some point, the fiscally conservative youth will be the GOP.

    Then who will be around to tell us not to have sex?