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Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Politics | 2 comments

GOP Shifting? Bill Kristol Says Not End of World If GOP Lets Millionaires be Taxed More

The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol has an excellent record of signalling a Republican Party shift — and whether this is due to his suggestions or him articulating sentiment he sees about to shift is another question. So when he talks, many pundits listen.

And he’s now saying Republicans shouldn’t be falling on their swords to defend millionaires from being taxed more on Fox News:

I still think GOPers are making a big mistake by pronouncing the word “moderate” like a disease. If they look at the election results, quite a FEW voters proved to be moderate — and they helped carry the day for the Democrats.

If the Republican Party remains a party that seems to only welcome conservatives they’ll have many more evenings like Tuesday.

Generally speaking:
1. If Rush Limbaugh opposes it, chances are you’ll eventually see many Congressional Republicans to echo his words without saying “ditto”.
2. If Bill Kristol suggests some kind of a shift, it usually eventually takes place.

Neither Limbaugh or Kristol have proven to be flawless strategists — but their words often turn out to be more than mere words..

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