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Posted by on Oct 13, 2009 in Media, Politics, Science & Technology, Society | 10 comments A Forward-Looking Trip Into Web 0.00000

Michael Steele’s latest attempt to lead Republicans kicking and screaming into the 21st century is seriously underwhelming. Seriously, folks: There’s no there there. Oh, there are words on the pages. But they don’t say anything. They’re the linguistic equivalent of rice krispies. Go ahead, click on the tabs, click on the links — they just take you from one nothing to another nothing.

Let me ask you: Is this the introductory post of a Republican leader who knows that Web 2.0 is not a new software program?

The Internet has been around a while, now. But, I still find it an amazing platform for innovation, not just in technology, but in life. Beyond admiring the way it powers so many inventions and businesses, it has become a personal thing for me. I love the fact that, wherever I might be, I can use technology to see my family and chat with them, and Social Media to tap into what my friends are doing.

Today, I want to begin to better connect with Republicans everywhere.

My first blog entry, therefore, is really a couple of questions for you; use the comment button to send me replies. We will run as many questions as we can, which I will answer.

Why are you a Republican? Think about that for a minute.

When I was old enough to vote, my Mother advised me to pick the Party that was committed to protecting my God-given Liberties. I did my research and made my choice with my Mother’s advice in mind—how did you make yours?

How can we better serve you so you can help propel the Republican movement? I have instructed my Senior Staff to spend time, not only keeping you informed through their blogs on the new but, relating with people in OurGOP: The Republican Action Network. Everyone from my Political Director, who works with our amazing State Parties to elect Republicans, to my Director of Coalitions, who is creating exciting strategies to reach new voters, to my Chief Administrative Officer, who makes sure your donations are treated as the kind gift they are, will spend time in that network.

Now that you will have much better access to them, what can each of our Division Leaders do in that network to help you?

-Chairman Michael Steele

Shorter Michael Steele: Please, guys, give me something to DO — please?

Check out the comments — they’re priceless.

Maybe I’ll post a question to Mr. Steele: Do you have any Republican faces that are not white with blond hair?

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