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Posted by on Oct 13, 2009 in Media, Politics, Science & Technology, Society | 10 comments A Forward-Looking Trip Into Web 0.00000

Michael Steele’s latest attempt to lead Republicans kicking and screaming into the 21st century is seriously underwhelming. Seriously, folks: There’s no there there. Oh, there are words on the pages. But they don’t say anything. They’re the linguistic equivalent of rice krispies. Go ahead, click on the tabs, click on the links — they just take you from one nothing to another nothing.

Let me ask you: Is this the introductory post of a Republican leader who knows that Web 2.0 is not a new software program?

The Internet has been around a while, now. But, I still find it an amazing platform for innovation, not just in technology, but in life. Beyond admiring the way it powers so many inventions and businesses, it has become a personal thing for me. I love the fact that, wherever I might be, I can use technology to see my family and chat with them, and Social Media to tap into what my friends are doing.

Today, I want to begin to better connect with Republicans everywhere.

My first blog entry, therefore, is really a couple of questions for you; use the comment button to send me replies. We will run as many questions as we can, which I will answer.

Why are you a Republican? Think about that for a minute.

When I was old enough to vote, my Mother advised me to pick the Party that was committed to protecting my God-given Liberties. I did my research and made my choice with my Mother’s advice in mind—how did you make yours?

How can we better serve you so you can help propel the Republican movement? I have instructed my Senior Staff to spend time, not only keeping you informed through their blogs on the new but, relating with people in OurGOP: The Republican Action Network. Everyone from my Political Director, who works with our amazing State Parties to elect Republicans, to my Director of Coalitions, who is creating exciting strategies to reach new voters, to my Chief Administrative Officer, who makes sure your donations are treated as the kind gift they are, will spend time in that network.

Now that you will have much better access to them, what can each of our Division Leaders do in that network to help you?

-Chairman Michael Steele

Shorter Michael Steele: Please, guys, give me something to DO — please?

Check out the comments — they’re priceless.

Maybe I’ll post a question to Mr. Steele: Do you have any Republican faces that are not white with blond hair?

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  • kritt11

    I almost feel sorry for Steele. He is attempting to drag the Republican party, kicking and screaming into the 21st century –you know the one when Hispanics and African Americans will outnumber the “Real Americans”. The GOP would rather be a minority party that has a regional virulent base, then a big tent party.

    Many moderate voters reluctantly switched parties over the last 2 elections and the Republicans have done nothing to get them back or to lure minorities, except choose Mr. Steele as nominal head of the RNC. He seems to be out of touch with the hardcore folk in the party, and appears to be stumbling in his attempts to reach out with any real authority to new voters.The next election could be like 1994 redux if the party played their cards right, and capitalized on current discontent with Congress. But the GOP is still the party of NO and Michael Steele can’t do anything about it.

  • Father_Time

    You’re right Kathy. It’s a kind of generic patronization of the gleefully gob-struck.

    Good grief don’t underestimate the GOP’s skill of uncanny mind control Kathy. The Republican party, has more than once, brought our nation to the brink of financial disaster for the common, yet they continue to make inroads into the working class, convincing them to literally vote against their own best interests. Steele is simply being non-threatening as an initial acceptance mechanism. Later I’m sure that these curious initiates will be re-directed to talk-radio style bombastic personalities that satellite the party center. There they will receive their reactionary indoctrination. There, they will become the enemy of, “Liberty and justice for all”.

  • Leonidas

    Underwhelming beats mortgaging future generations with record shattering deficit spending. But hey spending other people’s money is what Democrats do even on a larger scale than Republicans.

  • kritt11

    Leonidas— Voters are expecting Obama to solve the problems they are facing and undo the damage of the previous 8 years. He inherited a country on the brink of disaster and had to spend money to avert an even worse one.

    If you think Democrats are only good at spending other people’s money, you need to revisit recent history, when Clinton’s surplus and balanced budget evaporated into risky tax cuts, pork-laden budgets and unheard of spending by the Pentagon on two ridiculously expensive foreign wars.

    Now that the “other” party is in charge, the GOP can safely go back to its naysaying role because that’s a lot easier than facing the problems of ordinary Americans.

    • Leonidas

      If you think Democrats are only good at spending other people’s money, you need to revisit recent history, when Clinton’s surplus and balanced budget evaporated into risky tax cuts, pork-laden budgets and unheard of spending by the Pentagon on two ridiculously expensive foreign wars.

      I think you need to revist it and see which Party controlled Congress and the purse strings. Also take into account the tech bubble at the period. The only reason things got good were a combination of 3 factors. 1) The aforementioned tech bubble, 2) Republicans reigning in Clintons spending proposals, and 3) Divided government necessitating bi-partisanship and preventing the barb throwing and general deterioration in one party Control, first under Bush and now under Obama.

      Divided government brought the rise of the power of moderates who were able to act sensibly unlike the era of far-right control and now far-left control, both which have textbook examples of stupidity.

  • jchem

    Do you have any Republican faces that are not white with blond hair?

    umm, you mean like Michael Steele?

  • DLS

    Spending other people’s money — assuming things can magically happen — and kicking and screaming, as well as whining and griping — that’s what lefties have been doing notably since the mid-to-late 1960s in particular.

  • kritt11

    Yes I remember the tech bubble- well Bush had the real estate bubble and what happened after was an enormous deficit along with unprecedented deficit spending. One president came out with a surplus the other with a tremendous deficit and an economic crisis so dire that a Republican conservative had to enact widespread bailouts.Do you think Reagan was a good president? Well he worked with a Democratic Congress yet when do they get credit from Conservatives for Reagan’s accomplishments?

    Clinton would have vetoed any spending bill he disagreed with and HE was the one who enacted welfare reform. His abilities and popularity were so high that Republicans decided the only way to defeat him was with neverending investigations. In the W Bush years 5 subpoenas were issued by GOP in Congress- during the Clinton administration- over a thousand were issued.

  • DLS

    It’s not Michael Steele who wants not only to rob Medicare (and providers) to “pay” partially for the new health care “reform,” but Obama — who also now wants to pay a bribe to seniors, who probably won’t be getting otherwise a cost of living increase to Social Security this year because of the stasis (if not an actual decline) in the cost of living.

    That’s OK. Give that bribe and distraction to the seniors, and maybe they won’t be so concerned.

    Obama can even say it’s to help meet the costs of health care, which we need “reform” to reduce.

  • DLS

    Kathy! Psst:

    “Very quickly, Chairman Steele. The feeling in some circles is that this health care train has left the station with President at the wheel, and Republicans better jump on board.”

    [Steele:] “Well, I’m the cow on the tracks, and you’re going to have to stop that train to get this cow off the tracks and move forward.”

    Woooooooo, woooooooo, woo — woooooooo!

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