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Posted by on Oct 7, 2009 in Science & Technology | 5 comments

Google Celebrates the Barcode


SearchEngineLand, Mashable & TechCrunch note Google’s celebration of today’s 57th anniversary of the first patent (No. 2,612,994) on the barcode.

Meanwhile Stan Schroeder wonders, does anyone even go to anymore?

I’m not asking whether you’re using Google; I’m asking whether you actually open the Google homepage, and search from there. Because I don’t. Until a while ago, occasionally – perhaps out of habit – I’d open it and search from there, but lately I never do it. Searching directly from Firefox or Chrome is one step less, and I’m not going to do something the hard way if I don’t have a good reason.

I don’t think it’s just me…. Maybe Google has realized that people simply aren’t that interested in visiting, and they’re spicing it up with different logos every couple of days. Logo changes, I’m afraid, won’t be enough to keep user interest.

Do you ever visit I hardly ever do.

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  • ElZagna

    I go there all the time. My browser start-up page is my personalized version of Google, but I don’t know if that counts. It has lots of add-on apps for weather, news, a daily how-to and how things work list, etc.

    Even so I often go straight to Google when doing significant searching.

    Let me add that Google has been playing with its logo from the beginning in direct contradiction to the traditional brand marketing mindset.

  • Oh, I guess I do worse than not visiting the Google home page. I use a “Google scraper” that gives me the google results without giving Google, Inc SQUAT about me. If you want to try one, check out http://www.scroogle.orgI’m not paranoid, and probably not searching anything unusual, but I choose to opt out of the data mining Google does, and since Bush allowed Big Brother to snoop on our searching, I’m opting out of that too. It’s really gotten too silly out there. Example. I read an article about Iran here, search for some maps of where exactly the Iranian nuclear facilities are, then grab a link to “Dirty Bomb” from NPR, and then I think about how that could fit someone’s idea of a person who’s just a little too interested in nuclear terrorism.

    • kathykattenburg

      Is there one that works with Chrome or Safari? I have Firefox but lately it’s been giving me problems and I’m not using it as much.

  • adelinesdad

    “Maybe Google has realized that people simply aren’t that interested in visiting, and they’re spicing it up with different logos every couple of days.”

    I don’t think google is worried about people not visiting the homepage. And ElZagna is right that messing around with the logo is not something new. Google makes its money on advertisements that show up *after* you search. I think they’re more than happy to have the search engine practically built into the browsers these days. You can’t ask for better visibility than that.

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