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Posted by on Oct 7, 2009 in Science & Technology | 5 comments

Google Celebrates the Barcode


SearchEngineLand, Mashable & TechCrunch note Google’s celebration of today’s 57th anniversary of the first patent (No. 2,612,994) on the barcode.

Meanwhile Stan Schroeder wonders, does anyone even go to anymore?

I’m not asking whether you’re using Google; I’m asking whether you actually open the Google homepage, and search from there. Because I don’t. Until a while ago, occasionally – perhaps out of habit – I’d open it and search from there, but lately I never do it. Searching directly from Firefox or Chrome is one step less, and I’m not going to do something the hard way if I don’t have a good reason.

I don’t think it’s just me…. Maybe Google has realized that people simply aren’t that interested in visiting, and they’re spicing it up with different logos every couple of days. Logo changes, I’m afraid, won’t be enough to keep user interest.

Do you ever visit I hardly ever do.

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