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Posted by on Feb 25, 2018 in At TMV, Crime, Education, Guns, Politics, Violence | 0 comments

(UPDATE) Good Guys versus Bad Guys with a Gun…


Here’s what a Marine, a school teacher (professor) “highly adept [at using an M-16]” and among professors in the United States, “almost certainly one of the best shooters” has to say about teachers packing heat.

Original post:

As Trump and the NRA continue their seductive yet deceptive Lorelei chant to have teachers pack heat in their classrooms, millions of sensible Americans point out the insanity of this harebrained scheme.

Especially those who under this plan would be at the wrong end of an AR-15 – American educators and teachers – call the idea “crazy,” a “travesty” and believe it will only cause more violence, deaths and injuries.

Rani Weingarten, the president of the 1.7 million-member American Federation of Teachers, said a handgun would be no match for the assault-style weapons often wielded by school shooters. “The solution is to ban these military weapons from people who shouldn’t have them,” Weingarten said, according to the New York Daily News.

Many have noted that deputies trained and armed to act in such situations just “waited outside” the Parkland, Fla. school while the AR-15-armed murderer committed his heinous crimes.

Yes, many have laid out sound arguments against teachers packing heat and against other aspects of our inane gun culture, but somehow, they sound better when in rhyme.

So here is one by an American living in Denmark where, in 2016, there were only eight shooting deaths.

Good guys versus bad guys with a gun
How can this battle be won?

If a bad guy is AR-15 armed: history shows that many will be harmed
Even when defended by a pistol-armed good guy: and here are some reasons why
The AR’s bullets fly faster and longer with far more bodily damage
The weapon is easy to control and with multiple bullet clips: re-loading is easy to manage

The attacker has the element of surprise: he can shoot before the good guy can rise
The attacker can be sloppy in his shooting: spraying bullets from side to side
But the defender must be calm and precise: to avoid innocents he can’t shoot wide
Even city police when under pressure: score only five in ten hits for the good side

But ah you say I exaggerate: it’s just a biased anti-NRA approach that I do take
You will, (pardon the pun), fill with holes the argument I do make
Trump says mass shooters are cowards; an armed teacher will scare them away
But correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t most “shooters” suicidal anyways

I hear the argument: just add guns inside schools to make protection more viable
Besides a perimeter with armed guards: who have not been perfectly reliable
Now besides the cost of arming and continuously training this new part-time “army”
I would give some thought on how to secure and protect this new in-school armory

Instead of arming to the teeth: it’s reducing the offensive firepower I would seek
For the AR-15, there is no match to negate its killing power unique
It is, no doubt, a military combat designed Killing Machine number one
So why is it available to Americans: as a “toy” for target shooting fun?

Or is it just the favorite weapon of hunters on the chase?
If you need 30 rounds to down your prey: you have a strong case
And some claim it is unfair to select the AR-15: there are others the same
But to me the argument for any similar “semi-automatic” is equally lame

Can you put one under your pillow for self-defense: ready to react?
It won’t fit in your purse, so why not just “open carry”: or put it on your car “rack”
Or why don’t we just recognize it’s a major safety threat for all: there is no up side
Let’s ban this weapon: before the next tragic mass shooting: where many will die

Lead image credit: Andy Simonds

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