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Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 in Environment, Science & Technology, Weather | 2 comments

Global warming is greening the Northern Hemisphere

An international collaboration spanning more than a dozen scientific institutions across the world found the Northern hemisphere is largely getting greener. The main culprit has been identified as man-made greenhouse emissions. Rapidly increasing temperatures in the Arctic have led to longer growing seasons and changing soils for the plants. Scientists have observed grassy tundras changing to…

  • Slamfu

    For all habitats destroyed one place by global warming, others will thrive. The northern hemisphere where most of the land is will undergo a viridity of sorts, much of it being currently swaddled in ice and snow for good parts of the year, and biodiversity will increase greatly, and there will be more water in the atmosphere, which will mean more precipitation, less deserts, more viridity overall.

    That being said, it will wreak havoc on large human population centers dependent on stable food and water supplies from areas that may or may not be producing them in their current locations when these changes occur. Hopefully world leaders will be on board with these changes and earmark resources necessary to minimize the damage these changes will do. It will take great foresight, co-operation, discipline and planning to do so. Still probably going to be really, really ugly.

    • “… It will take great foresight, co-operation, discipline and planning to do so. ”

      It’s not like that is in short supply (NOT!). We have always had such great leadership, especially recently with climate change (SNARK)!!!

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