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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in At TMV | 3 comments

Giving Back To Those Who Give All

As a rule I try not to use my postings on TMV to be too preachy. I see this site as a place for us to have good and vigorous political debates but I try not to troll for any of my pet causes.

However once in a while rules are made to be broken.

We are heading into of one the most festive times of the year. Whatever your faith (or lack thereof) we all enjoy this season as an opportunity to be kinder to our fellow men and women and more importantly to gather with our families and loved ones.

But for literally hundreds of thousands of our men and women this year will once again be spent thousands of miles from home, in hot deserts and lonely outposts. Whatever your views on our foreign policy the fact is those people are out there fighting for us.

It therefore seems only proper that we do what we can to make their lives a little bit brighter.

The USO is one of the oldest and best organizations for providing a little hug from home and I think it would be wonderful for us to all chip in and make a donation.

The web site can be found here.

Please chime in to let us know you’ve given or to suggest other places to donate.

I know there is not a lot we all can agree on but it sure seems like this is that rariity where we can.

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