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Posted by on Jun 7, 2007 in At TMV | 8 comments

Giuliani: Using Your Police in Iraq

Something to consider:

I find it a bit odd that a man like Mayor Giuliani who used to be in such lockstep with law enforcement has taken an international approach when America’s crimes rates have been rising drastically in the last several years. Guess what kind of jobs our troops have? A good number of them proportionally are in law enforcement. So when we take more troops and put them on the streets of Iraq to police that country and protect their borders we are weakening the force in our own country.

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  • Giuliani is a one trick pony.

    9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11

    He uses the events of that day, much like Bush, to rationalize much of what he stands for politically. Other issues, like crime, have taken a back seat if they aren’t directly related to the issue of terrorism.

    Let’s not let him get away with having tunnel vision.

  • kimrit

    The thing is he had his 15 minutes of fame, but now there is much criticism in NY for how he treated firefighters after 9/11 and among some of the families of the victims. Bloomberg is a much more popular mayor and still is extremely competent. I think he’s an opportunist, and also that he would use force over diplomacy in foreign relations.

    His campaign had a reporter with credentials locked up on a tresspassing charge for asking a question that his staffers didn’t like. I also remember that he didn’t want to leave office after his term was up, which is a bit undemocratic. He has liberal social views, but has some negatives as well.

  • kimrit

    I found it odd that for a former prosecutor, who is in lockstep with law enforcement, Giuliani condemned the Libby verdict and Fitzgerald, and said he would pardon Libby. Not sure if he was just trying to score points with the beltway neocons in DC.

  • Kim,
    I would hope that is all he is trying to do with his Libby talk. Don’t forget that these are the same people that crucified Clinton for a perjury charge for which he was acquitted.

  • kimrit

    Chris- He probably believes it will help him win them over, and figures most everyday Americans don’t care about the pardon. The netroots on the left who care enormously, aren’t going to vote for him anyway. Still, it is a little hypocritical for these rule of law Republicans. Scooter got due process, just like everyone else.

  • But Kim, he was such a nice guy!

  • edpeff

    Scooter Libby should be shot as a traitor, not jailed as a liar.
    His boss, ElDuce should be hung from a lamp post.

  • kimrit

    I think people who are fans of Giuliani need to realize that though he was successful in reducing crime in NYC, the price was excessive police power. During his tenure, he almost never questioned police actions in disputes with minorities. This could prove bothersome to civil libertarians, who are already concerned about authoritarian trends in government.

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