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Posted by on May 6, 2011 in Politics | 1 comment

Giant-Killer and One-Eyed Wonder

An observer still high on sedation (cataract surgery) opens an eye to the sights flashing by on a glowing rectangle in the room:

President Obama is at Ground Zero, a hero, not for his efforts to save the most vulnerable Americans from Republican deficit slashers, but for killing one old man, the nation’s symbolic dragon for a decade.

In Washington, a beaming Vice-President Biden is with a roomful of people pretending to find common ground on budget cuts, John Boehner with his perpetual scowl and Eric Cantor, whose every effort to smile comes out as a smirk. Lots of luck on that one.

In South Carolina, Fox holds its first GOP primary debate, which turns out to consist of Ron Paul, with his Mr. No act on everything, along with four other guys who look like they just came in to get out of the rain. If that’s all they’ve got, cancel the election. A one-eyed President won’t cut it.


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