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Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 in Guest Contributor, Satire, Science & Technology | 5 comments

Giant Asteroid Nears Earth

According to NASA and other sources, a gigantic asteroid is going to pass very close to the Earth soon. Although it’s supposedly going to be OK, I say we all watch the sky and get ready to duck!!!

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  • slamfu

    Now that apparently we have started a major asteroid watch on the heavens, and more importantly there were a few major blockbuster movies on the topic, it seems every week there is some article about how something huge and scary is coming at us. The title of course always leaves it in doubt, and they usually clarify in the first few sentences of the article its going to miss us, but every time I keep wondering when I click if that’s still going to be the case. I wish they would stop posting them, its really fraying my nerves.

  • dduck

    If it is either Chris Christie or Rush Limbaugh, I’ll be ducking.
    Sorry, just took a Oxycontin and I am quacking up.

  • sheknows

    Just another article by Fear Central. They may as well tell us that our sun is losing stability every day and will implode in a super nova ( sometime in the next million years). Well, keep me posted.

  • Enkindle

    It’s just the federation dropping off the new star trek movie.

  • zephyr

    Only a matter of time before another big one slams into us – which would probably spell the end of homo sapiens.

    Probably won’t happen in our lifetimes. I guess that’s a good thing…

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