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Posted by on Apr 20, 2014 in Politics | 17 comments

Getting worse for Obama? Much worse?


Today, with our increased polarization and a political discourse more and more defined by cultural cleavages, those groups whose participation drops off are more strongly Democratic than they were twenty years ago, while the groups whose voting rate stays high—elderly white voters, notably—are more Republican than they were. This means that the decline that was bad for Democrats two decades ago could be catastrophic for them now. ...MichaelTomasky,NYRB

Yesterday there were “Impeach Obama” sign-ups outside our local post office. I stayed away from the (busy!) signers, but noted a t-shirt on one portly lady read “uber alles.” The top line was invisible. Who or what was uber? A poster of Obama showed the president wearing a Hitler mustache.

This is Texas. But reading Michael Tomasky on the Democrats’ chances in 2014 (not to mention ’16), it’s hard to avoid thinking that we may be up against increasing extremism right across America. Whatever else happens, the Republican right is determined to make Obama’s final two years in office even worse than what he’s experienced already.

If there’s a Supreme Court vacancy, it seems possible to many observers that Republicans simply wouldn’t permit any nominee named by Obama to get a hearing. Nominations to lower courts and executive branch positions will meet a similar fate. Then there’s the prospect of the pretended threat of impeachment, a ploy to distract the president and strip him of authority. Obama’s final two years as president would almost surely be a tougher grind than the previous six. Perhaps far tougher, difficult as that might be to imagine. ...MichaelTomasky,NYRB

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  • Bob Munck

    So if the Republicans hang onto the House and take the Senate, they may block everything Obama wants to do. Obviously, that’s what they do now. The main difference is that instead of the two parts of Congress blocking each other’s actions, Obama will have to squash all the craziness coming from them. Fortunately, he has a pen.

    My attitude is, so what? Obama has already been a very successful two-term president after just 1½ terms. His successes, with Obamacare as the crown jewel, aren’t going to go away. A Republican-controlled Congress can do a lot more harm to the Republican Party than they can to Obama, and I have complete faith that they will do so.

  • bobloblaw67

    Probably it wont get much worse of Obama because he has a high ceiling of approval. He is the only president since JFK to not see his approval fall under 40%. The reason is a coalition of Takers and America haters is nearly 50% of the population. They support him no matter what.

  • Bob Munck

    The reason is a coalition of Takers and America haters is nearly 50% of the population.

    I’m startled to see a comment like this on TMV.

  • dduck

    Sorry, I can’t post a link to this NYT article: Health Care Spending’s Recent Surge Stirs Unease.

    I think his ratings could fall further, especially since Putin appears to be running rings around him andsome Dems running for elections are shunning him and The ACA

  • dduck


  • dduck

    With BM.

  • cjjack

    He is the only president since JFK to not see his approval fall under 40%. The reason is a coalition of Takers and America haters is nearly 50% of the population.

    The first part of this statement (if true) shows just why the right is so determined to undermine everything Obama does.

    Despite all their efforts at obstructionism, despite all the attempts to pin the word “-gate” to every minor scandal, and notwithstanding the very real effort to find something – anything – with which to impeach him, Obama won a second term decisively, and so far his second term has avoided the “curse” of a serious setback which has plagued every two term President going back half a century.

    He entered the White House at a time when the nation was facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, with the country mired in two dubious wars to boot, and even though just about everyone on the right wing not only wished for him to fail but in some cases actively worked towards making him fail, he did not.

    That’s why the wingers are so incensed…they threw all they could at him, and he’s still standing.

    As far as the alleged “coalition” referenced above, the term “Takers” is nothing more than a slur created by people desperate to throw stones (who no doubt live in glass houses) and as such can be dismissed, but “America haters” needs to be addressed.

    I think anyone who puts their desire to see one man fail before their desire to see the nation succeed can be qualified as an “America hater.” These people have long since thrown out the notion of “country before party” or placing their allegiance to the United States above simple politics.

    They actually root for the nation to fail in order to remove one man (or one party) from office.

    Yet the nation is not failing. It is slowly but surely dragging itself out of a deep hole dug in no small part by those who are trying to drag us right back down there, and if you want to see what an “America hater” looks like, just find someone who is unhappy with the fact that the United States is recovering.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    They actually root for the nation to fail in order to remove one man (or one party) from office.

    So true, cjjack.

    This has been the m.o. of the right from day one and blatantly announced by the de facto leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, way back in February 2009, when he proudly and unabashedly declared that he hoped Obama would fail:

    “I’ll say it again. Not only do I want Obama to fail, I want this package to fail. I want this to blow up in their face.

    I hope the stimulus bill fails. I hope it does exactly what we know it will do, blow everything to smithereens and not do one thing that has been promised. Apparently, experience is the greatest teacher, and when these poor people who think Barack Obama means a new house, a new car, a new job, when they find out that’s not what Barack Obama means, maybe then they’ll see. So I hope that happens…”

    Now, tell me who are the America haters, in addition to the Obama haters?

  • sheknows

    cjjack is so correct as is Dorian.

    The interesting part of Bob’s statement is the “haters”. That alone shows just how disturbed the right has become. Bob is a perfect example of their refusal to face reality.
    They actually PROJECT their attitudes , failings and shortcomings onto others.
    It is called transference , and it shows a deeply disturbed thought process that can no longer distinguish between real and imaginary. Tranferrence occurs when a person cannot accept responsibility for his own actions or chosen life path. Republicans are actually cult thinkers and too many examples of “haters” to mention here.

    This is

  • JSpencer

    Bob is a perfect example of their refusal to face reality. They actually PROJECT their attitudes , failings and shortcomings onto others.

    Agreed. Projection has become commonplace on the right in recent years and dovetails perfectly with that culture of hate and denial. To the extent it is possible for a political party to be mentally ill, the current GOP/TP fills the bill.

  • dduck

    And if it is possible, the Dem/liberals are the party of stupid/careless.

  • dduck

    And the Dems/Liberals are the party of stupid/careless.

  • dduck

    Sorry, can’t edit/delete.

  • sheknows

    dd…I am certain you don’t want to trade “stupid” stories..not if you wish to avoid humiliation. As for careless, well we haven’t enjoyed a “presidential” display of that since dubya, but even so, no carelessness that cost us the lives of innocent soldiers searching for WMD on the country credit card. Just sayin………

  • Democrats just might be stupid, if we mean the party and not the bulk of their voters.

    Democrats are the party which passed a successful health care reform policy, and then is afraid to run on it. Democrats face a party packed with creationists, global warming deniers, and all sorts of kooks, but aren’t able to take advantage of this politically.

  • dduck

    SK, if you take the time to read the comment about mentally ill Reps., maybe you could see why I rerplied in kind.
    BTW: stupid is as stupid does, on both sides, but civility and moderation are appreciated by some of us.

  • JSpencer

    Dd, I’m serious with my comment. Instead of learning, admitting wrongs and changing, the political right has demonstrated time and time again a strong tendency to double down and become even more deeply invested in dysfunction. Examples to support this are legion. That behavior is not consistent with a healthy mental state imo, at the very least it’s willfully muddled thinking. As with most generalizations there are exceptions, so if the shoe doesn’t fit you don’t wear it. I certainly didn’t have you in mind when I made the comment.

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