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Posted by on Aug 23, 2007 in At TMV | 2 comments

Getting Serious About Enforcing the Borders

Will America ever get serious about securing the borders of the United States? Donald Douglas says no:

The more I read about the down and dirty details of enforcing our immigration laws, the less confident I am that the country will ever get serious about securing our borders and respecting the rule of law.

It seems that, ‘when Giuliani was mayor of New York, the city adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on the issue of cooperating with federal authorities investigating aliens under criminal suspicion.’

Funny how people’s political views tend to change once they run for a national office, no? Read the rest at Burkean Reflections.

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  • Amanda

    “Fixing” illegal immigration doesn’t have to be so hard. All we need is common sense and the drive to actually do something about it.

    Why do illegal immigrants come to America? Mostly for jobs. How do we address this aspect of the issue? Fine the hell out of companies who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Presidents/CEOs of repeat offenders should face jail time. When the job market starts to dry up for illegals, they’ll stop coming illegally.

    What do we do about the 12 million illegal immigrants already in America? We ask them to leave. Most of them probably won’t. So we tell them that the one’s who wish to stay in America have to go through legal channels to get their visas and they have to pay fines to cover back taxes and for breaking the law. Anyone caught here illegally (say 6 months after the law passes) will be deported and blacklisted so that they cannot ever have legal status in the US. That isn’t amnesty, it’s common sense. We don’t have the cash flow or the man power necessary to round up 12 million people and ship them across the borders. They’d probably just sneak back in anyway.

    Which brings me to another point. Our current legal immigration policies are outdated and draconian. It’s time to update them and make it possible for decent people to enter America and earn their citizenship. It shouldn’t matter where you were born as long as you have no criminal record and can make some contribution to society (whether it’s laboring at construction sites or researching medicines). If we had more effective policies for legal immigration, it’s very likely that the level of illegal immigration would taper off.

  • casualobserver

    Fine the hell out of companies who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

    I’m with you a 100% on your theory, but the world now needs your same cut-to-the-chase skills to solve some implementation snags.

    DHS has already proposed a rule akin to this (whether DHS has this authority is another question). However, instead of the Feds actually doing the enforcement work, they would be asking all employers to perform a screening checklist on all employees and submit the results.

    What will all upstanding employers do with even the slightest non-matching data element?……report it of course.

    Well, who is NOT in favor of this rule…….why none other than the AFL-CIO, that bastion of Republican right-wing capitalism. Could it be that maybe some of those questionables have made it to dues-paying status already?

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