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Posted by on Oct 23, 2011 in At TMV | 3 comments

George Will On Richard Lugar

George Will has a good column in the WaPo today about Richard Lugar facing a primary challenge from the right wing of the party (though he should know they are Hoosiers, not Indianans).

As Will points out, Lugar’s record is pretty mainstream Republican and is hardly one of a ‘RINO’ type, assuming there is such a thing (my comment not his).

Lugar is one of the finest members of the Senate and as I’ve said it before, if he loses this primary it may well be the last straw for me.

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  • ShannonLee

    and so begins the tea party inquisition.

  • Allen

    Slowly the Republican party is being pushed into that inescapable descriptive corner labeled: “Spokesmen for the greedy and keepers of selfish America”. Their minority constituency demand more political attention as untenable as it is when majority rules a sovereign nation and it’s people are rapidly becoming poor. They want legal guarantees to protect their immoral gig. The gig is up! The T-pers are hated and it’s getting worse. I say give them another T-per lackey….we will take 20 from the other end!

  • JSpencer

    I agree Patrick, I’ve also maintained a high degree of respect for Lugar, and he is one of only a few currently serving republicans I can say that about. Eventually he will be replaced, and when that happens, his party will be diminished.

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