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Posted by on Aug 20, 2007 in Religion | 6 comments

George Bush’s Holy Crusade in Iraq


I’ve been pretty tough on the prez — calling him everything from a coward to a crackpot — but there is one thing that I have not criticized him for: His messianic faith-based convictions.

Well, Mr. Bush, time’s up.

By way of introduction to this subject, I should note that there is an aspect of George Bush’s life of which I am deeply respectful: His successful battle to overcome a drinking problem and probably a drug problem, as well. (Although some would say that an addict’s recovery cannot be complete without humility, which he seems to have not a shred of.)

It was through this catharsis that he has said he found religion, and as president his speeches have been suffused with allusions to the Almighty. Indeed, he believes that as the Leader of the Free World he is nothing less than on a mission from God and channels the wisdom of the Holy Son.

That’s okey-dokey with me, but as was the case when Bush was boozing and snorting cocaine, he seems to do nothing in moderation – except of course when it comes to intellectual curiosity.

So his view that the Iraq war has an eschatological underpinning and therefore is the right thing to do is appalling.

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