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Posted by on Apr 19, 2006 in At TMV | 2 comments

Gentlemen’s Duel

Armando of DailyKos and Josh Trevino of Red State/Tacitus have co-founded their own blog, entitled Swords Crossed. Both are unabashed partisans, which in the current climate makes their friendship and commitment to honest dialogue all the more impressive. Certainly, the statement of purpose given by Armando is heartening:

To me, this is the important first principle that allows for honest engagement on issues and politics. I hope that participants at this site can take that approach as well. While both liberals and conservatives may marvel at the positions each of us holds, perhaps we can understand each other better by discussing them here.

That requires a leap of faith. Josh and I are taking that leap. We believe that each of us has arrived at our positions based on honest examination of the issues. We believe that it will be fruitful to discuss these positions and our thought processes in arriving at these positions. We believe it will be helpful to examine the underlying factual assumptions upon which our positions lie.

I hope this new endeavor lives up to those high principles, and give it a warm welcome to the blogosphere.

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  • Joshua

    This is great news! It certainly will save me time. Instead of reading Daily Kos accusing Republicans of being racist and then going to Redstate accusing Democrats of being unpatriotic, now I can get such insights all on one site. What’s next? Perhaps Michael Moore can join forces with James Dobson. Maybe it will be called “Crossing Blowhards.”

    Moderate Democrat

  • 9pod9

    No, there might not be name calling, but Josh still slips in childish insults like this:

    “Most famously, [Markos Moulitsas’] denigration of dead Americans in Fallujah in April 2004 almost destroyed his site. (That [DailyKos] survived and flourished thereafter speaks to the patriotic character of the American left…)”

    Swords Crossed is looking like a trite “Crossfire, Jr.”, I’m sad to say.

    TITLE: Formative Experience
    BLOG NAME: The Debate Link
    I don’t ever forget the fact that Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas is an army veteran. Upon reflection, I probably could tell you that he was a Salvadorean war refugee too (a central American immigrant who came here for a better life, served in the…

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