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Posted by on Jun 3, 2009 in Society | 6 comments

Gay Marriage Becomes Law in New Hampshire

A friend, family really, the sister of my life-partner who passed from AIDS in 1988, writes:

What a wonderful victory in NH today!!!  I am so proud of our state for supporting equal rights!


Gay marriage legislation became law in New Hampshire this afternoon.

Gov. John Lynch signed the bills just after 5:20 p.m. before dozens of enthusiastic supporters of same-sex marriage.

New Hampshire’s law takes effect Jan. 1.

Rev. Gene Robinson, Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire, the church’s only openly gay bishop, believes:

“A lot of New Hampshire families have come to know people in their families who are gay — co-workers, former classmates — and that’s what really made this difference. We are no longer talking about an issue. We are talking about people.”

That last via Ann at Feministing who notes:

Despite the good news, let’s not forget that New Hampshire also recently rejected a bill that would have protected transgender folks under anti-discrimination and hate crime laws. There is a LOT more work to be done to bring equality to the state.

PZ Myers points to a poem from Digital Cuttlefish:

Applause! Applause! It’s in the laws!
The matter’s been decided!
Hooray! Hooray! As of today,
No more a state divided! [Read on…]

Here’s video, via Andy Towle, of Governor Lynch signing the bill.

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  • Ryan

    Yes, and they also made it explicitly clear that religious organizations can be as backwards as they want. A lot more work indeed.

    (In before Sil!)

  • Shrillhouette

    Go NH!
    (2 in before Sil — is (s)he sleeping?)

  • Silhouette

    No……I was watching “The Boy In Striped Pajamas”. What an unbelievably gut-wrenching movie that was. It’s hard on the one hand for me to grasp how something so perverse can be normalized…but then the gradual introduction of even the perverse into a society eventually lulls it to sleep.

    Somehow I think it is appropos. Instead of thinking of the more obvious correlations between descrimination and persecution [which the gays would no doubt draw attention to], I marvelled at the perverse becoming normal, in tiny almost unnoticable increments, and how children will ultimately be left to deal with the fallout. There are many dark ways of thinking in the world. Not all of them include violence and murder. Some of the most stealthy pass as “noble causes” in fact..

  • kathykattenburg

    I marvelled at the perverse becoming normal, in tiny almost unnoticable increments, and how children will ultimately be left to deal with the fallout.

    Yep, like women getting the vote, like interracial marriage becoming legal, like blacks going to school and sitting at lunch counters with whites, being able to sit anywhere in the bus they want, and drink from the same water fountains and swim in the same public pools as whites. Like women sitting on the Supreme Court, like African Americans sitting in the Oval Office, like women getting the right to buy property and qualify for credit cards and sign contracts without the signature of an adult male.

    Is that what you mean by the perverse becoming normal, in almost unnoticeable tiny increments?

  • I’m very, *very* happy that NH’s gov signed the legislation. We’re planning to move back north, specifically to New Hampshire, in the next 12 months. The social and political culture there has long attracted us (not to mention the weather!), and Gov. Lynch’s handling of this issue is like icing on the cake.


  • 6 down, 44 to go…

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