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Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in Featured, Politics | 7 comments

Gabby Giffords Takes on Gun Lobby

Shot ex-congresswoman takes on US gun lobby (via AFP)

Former US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a famous survivor of gun violence, launched a major initiative on Tuesday to challenge the nation’s powerful gun lobby and press for tougher gun laws. Giffords, shot in the head in January 2011 while meeting constituents in her native Arizona, unveiled “Americans…

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  • sheknows

    Americans For Responsible Solutions should join with several other high profile organizations. They need to raise the funds ” to support political leaders who support gun control” and they need to lobby and contribute to campaign contributions the same as the NRA. Fight fire with fire.
    There are so many splinter groups out there and for that reason, have no real influence. Adding your name to a cause is all well and good, but solidarity is the only way to defeat the powers that be.

  • sheknows

    If there already wasn’t enough insanity coming from the gun heads, now the activists want to make Jan. 19th Gun Appreciation Day. It just also happens to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day as well. I am sure the irony of his assination by gunfire isn’t lost on anyone, not to mention the complete and utter disrespect these morons have.
    The NRA just issued a statement saying that they ” got an INVITE to the White House”….

    These are the people to whom our lawmakers kowtow ??!

  • dduck

    With no reelection to worry about, there is no reason for Obama to support the pro gunners as he did in his first four. Perhaps the Brady Campaign can give him more than his previous F rating. And with Biden doing the heavy lifting, Obama can give his “moral support”.

  • sheknows

    Correctomundo dd…

  • zusa1

    “Jan. 19th Gun Appreciation Day. It just also happens to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day as well.”

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the 21st.

  • sheknows

    You are right Z…it is on the 3rd Mon of Jan. Even so….it’s a stupid idea and still disrespectful…if not for MLK, then for the children just gunned down in Newtown.

  • jason_wolven

    Weekend of Martin Luther King Jr Day

    When they state Martin Luther King Day they mean that it is the weekend of Martin Luther King Day. So any kids going back to grade school will have a long weekend off in some areas of the country. Actually the birthday of MLK, Jr. is Jan. 14th and is observed on Jan. 21st. So anytime between then one could say is MLK Day. MLK Jr. was shot to death in April. So anyone who has a connection to the MLK Day would take the time from Jan 14th to Jan. 21st as being a time of the year that they are feeling lots of emotions due to what this time of the year means to them and those they care about.

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