The NRA today may have shot itself in the foot with a press conference that may prove to be a godsend to its foes — new and old. And it could lose the group some membership. Read the background HERE.

The full version at this writing cannot be embedded so GO HERE. We’ll add the full video when we can get it.

You can also follow stories on this presser by going to THIS PAGE of Google News.

That lets you explore Google Australia for how it’s being played outside the US. GO HERE for Google News USA.

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • hyperflow

    “The second amendment is necessary to protect ourselves from government thugs. Now, would you please hire 100,000 new government employees, give them guns and station them in our schools? “

  • dduck

    I can just see the metal detector and x-ray machine people smiling during WP’s “presentation” along with the moat diggers.

  • hyperflow

    along with the moat diggers.

    Do you think these folks were really fun as kids — building forts and playing capture the flag — or were they too scared to ride the big slide?

    I support this research.

  • StockBoyLA

    There seem to be about 150,000 schools, K-12, college (2 and 4 year) institutions.

    If we hired on average four guards for each school plus four more people to man the metal detectors, there would be about 1.2 million new jobs. A good way to put a dent in the unemployment rate. In addition to the direct employment there would be an increase in the employment in other areas as well, as these newly employed people spend money.

    And we can raise taxes on new gun purchases as well as gun licensing/permit fees to pay for the extra security.

    Higher employment, better security and higher taxes. Though the GOP will want to nix that last part and slash benefits such as food programs to school children. They may starve to death but at least they will be safe from gunmen.

  • Momzworld

    I like the way you think, StockBoy!

  • dduck

    Stock, you forgot that the guards could sell meatball and sausage and pepper sandwiches on the side, thus fattening the kids and benefiting the sandwich shop. Of course this assumes that the kids aren’t allowed to go at at lunchtime (lock down).

  • EEllis

    Just as a note. On a law enforcement website I frequent the comments run to heavily supportive of the NRA’s message.