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Posted by on Nov 22, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

From Pajamas Media to OSM and back again

Since we have posted on the OSM/Pajamas Media story here at The Moderate Voice before, we now note that the name is being changed back from OSM to Pajamas Media, with the two principles involved admitting they were “caught with our pajamas down”. (NOTE: Open Source Media was claimed to never be the name of the venture but instead merely a slogan in one vanished post at the OSM site during the imbroglio, OSM was the actual name)

The rationale behind the original change to OSM is being assigned to “the guys in suits” according to the post announcing the unchanging of the name.

What is more interesting is that Juliette Ochieng, also known more widely to bloggers as Baldilocks, has been formally added to the staff as “blog wrangler.” Her blog was already one of the chosen 70. She is responsible for communications with bloggers.

It remains to be seen if her task includes improving the dismal communication with the 230+ who weren’t included in preferred content providers/advertising revenue recipients at the launch.

Other thoughts can be read at:

Buzz Machine by Jeff Jarvis

Good on the Open Source Media/OSM/Pajamas Media folks for deciding to go back to their Pajamas moniker to do so with humor and grace…

Althouse by Ann Althouse

They’re not the guys-in-suits. Some other guys, who once pushed them around, are the guys-in-suits.

Now that the name has been changed, will there be other changes? Will the site fill up with exciting, interesting material? Because it’s the lack of good stuff to read that has always been their main problem. Did the guys-in-suits make that happen?

More to come…

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