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Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Media | 3 comments

From Now On Consider the Source: 8 People Who Thought Hillary Clinton Faked Concussion

From now on be sure to consider the source: Buzzfeed lists 8 people who thought Hillary Clinton was faking her concussion.

I always wonder why people would bother to pay attention to people who peddle paranoid tripe to try and bolster their political positions. My conclusion is those new and old media people and outlets that do so appeal to those who need to have their own political views re-affirmed.

But to those who do care about the credibility of those they read and listen to read the list.

It might save you time if you’re interested in real analysis and facts.

Otherwise, stick with these folks — and Dick Morris.

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  • dduck

    Being suspicious and or skeptical means you “should burn in hell”, as some have said. Trying to report and give opinions about everything without a grain of salt makes you a broke reporter/opinion writer.

  • zusa1

    I bet her dog ate the CIA talking points. đŸ™‚

    BTW…it is refreshing to find out a politician wasn’t lying to us.

  • sheknows

    Now if only Krauthammer,Fox and Friends, and the others would apologize publicly for being nasty buttheads….. that would be REALLY refreshing.

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