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  • Funny, but scary.

  • Seems like it’s already almost over for Thompson. If he isn’t able to make a decision on this important, yet easy question (“Do I want to be President?”) in the next few days, how on earth will anybody see him as a decider?

    He’s an actor alright, but it doesn’*t look like he’s the next Ronald Reagan.

  • casualobserver

    Yes, what a loser of a Presidential candidate…….not following the instruction of pundits, the whim of media and or the self-professed savvy of armchair Kingmakers.

  • Even media, pundits, and kingmakers get it right sometimes: If that guy can’t make that simple decision, he ain’t no presidential stuff.

  • kritter

    I don’t think he has the energy. When he was in the Senate he hated the long hours and slow pace, so why would he want to work even harder? He’s a little TOO laid back for my taste.

  • Winghunter

    1) Fred NEVER compared himself to Ronald Reagan…parroting Liberal whines reveals you.

    2) Fred didn’t decide to run for POTUS, he offered to be drafted and we happily worked our tails off to let him know we certainly did. AND if you weren’t in a disengenuous denial you’ld understand the chess master is teaching the moves as he makes history. FDT – 44th President.

    3) Right on Cas! ;- )

    4) Desperately seeking Gray matter. See #2.

    5) I’ve called the ASPCA and they suggest two Liberal parrots on one thread is beyond reason…I agree.
    If you’re not repeating the Liberal line you’ll know what meetings he left early and why…if not, you’re just another poster child for Preparation H.
    Swab some on your lips for us please.

    Someday, the juvenile delinquents will learn that spin ( bald-faced lies and half-truths ) doesn’t work in the age of the internet as the information is at our fingertips and no longer spoon-fed by a Liberally biased media…don’t worry, that fact alone doesn’t mean you must mature, yet.

  • “1) Fred NEVER compared himself to Ronald Reagan…parroting Liberal whines reveals you.”

    And I didn’t say he did. But if an actor runs for President. the analogy is obvious. However, I really thought that this was an original idea by me. Wasn’t aware it would become a ‘liberal whine’ so fast. Oh my…

    “Fred didn’t decide to run for POTUS, he offered to be drafted”
    Uh huh. You wanna say, people offer to be drafted without seriously considering to run? Isn’t this some kind of, hmm, fraud? Especially if this leads naive folks to spend about 3 million hard earned dollars to support this kabuki theatre? Sry, but I don’t see how your argument is helping Thompson in any way. He had more than amble time to come clear. Does he really want even more people throwing their good money after the bad if he himself isn’t even able to make a simple decision as a return?

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