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Posted by on Nov 11, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Fox News: Bush Approval Down 5 Points in 2 Weeks

After the nomination of Harriet Miers was withdrawn, there was much talk among the puditry that President Bush’s approval would begin inching back up as social conservatives came back into the fold. As Fox News’ Dana Blanton reports, this hasn’t happened.

Today, 36 percent of Americans approve and 53 percent disapprove of the job Bush is doing as president. For comparison, two weeks ago 41 percent said they approved and 51 percent disapproved, and at the beginning of his second term 50 percent approved and 40 percent disapproved (January 25-26).

Until this week, Bush’s approval rating had been at 40 percent or above — buoyed in large part by consistent strong support among Republicans; however, in mid-October approval among Republicans fell below 80 percent for the first time of his presidency and now sits at 72 percent.

In addition, Bush’s approval rating is down by double digits among other demographic groups. Since the beginning of his second term, his approval is down 26 percentage points among independents, 16 points among women, 15 points among whites and 11 points among men.

Looking at more data from the poll we find that a 39 percent plurality think the Bush administration is less ethical that other recent presidential administrations. This seems to jive with other recent polling that has shown only about one third of Americans find President Bush honest and straighforward and only 36 percent find Bush to have lived up to his promise to “restore integrity to the White House.”

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