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Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Media, Politics | 4 comments

Fox News Bigwigs Blast Daily Caller Reporter for Heckling Obama

After some of the Tweets I got after I put my reaction to the unprecedented spectacle of a Daily Caller reporter apparently doing an imitation of a talk radio host or the late Morton Downey, Jr, it was refreshing to note the parade of GOPers who are coming out against what occurred. CNN’s Dean Obeidallah thinks its part of an ongoing effort to “delegitimize” Obama. But on the use of this kind of tactic — and trying to justify it — some Republicans are not playing the “whatever our political sports team does we will defend” game.

For instance, take Fox News. Chris Wallace and some others were not pleased:

And Bill O’Reilly had some pointed advice for The Daily Caller reporter:

What’s most striking about emails and Tweets I’ve gotten on this are the attempts to cloud the issue. So let’s make a little list.

1. The video clearly shows Obama was interrupted and had not finished his statement.

2. The video clearly shows he was not making a long pause and it didn’t look like the statement was over.

3. Saying it’s time we had a tough reporter in the White House to ask questions is a different issue. Munro wasn’t acting like a reporter. He was acting like a troll in a blog comments section. REAL reporters for decades — all over the world — will let an official deliver a speech or statement. REAL reporters are there to gather information, even if they had a political point of view. Reporters aren’t in the business simply to debate, and interrupt and in anyway prevent information from flowing. They may try to elicit certain information if they are ideological reporters. But REAL reporters don’t lecture and badger.

GO HERE to read some Tweets and retweets on this subject on my Twitter page.

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  • Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are reasonable journalists and O”Riley is on occasion. It will be curious to see how the rest of the Wingnut TV Network responds.

  • StockBoyLA

    To see these conservatives call out the Daily Caller reporter is refreshing.

  • rudi

    Someone needs to reign in that obnoxious twit Tucker Carlson. If not for daddy, Kochs and the Swanson family he wouldn’t even be qualified to be a janitor. I wish I could put that silver spoon..

  • Agreed, Mr. Joe.

    This was a policy announcement in the rose garden, not a press conference.

    The Daily Caller is a pretty good web site, but this DC reporter was out of line.

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