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Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in 2014 Elections, 2016 Elections, Politics | 3 comments

Forget Bipartisanship. Expect More Gridlock (Guest Voice)

All it took for Mitch McConnell to see eye-to-eye with Barack Obama was victory. After re-election in Kentucky, the presumptive Senate majority leader told reporters, “We ought to see what areas of agreement there are and see if we can make some progress for the country.” This is the same can-do note of cheery bipartisanship that…

  • Rambie

    It all comes down to what the Democrats in Congress do now. Do they roll over and play the spineless dead cat, like they did before, or do they give the GOP a taste of their own medicine and throw a wrench in everything?

    • Slamfu

      Here’s the main difference. If the GOP actually comes up with a GOOD idea to pass, the Dems will support it. They will not categorically shoot down any legislation like the GOP does. What are the chances of the GOP coming up with a good bill? Not likely.

      That being said I don’t think Democrats should or will simply adopt a copy cat stance of obstruction. When the chips are down the Dems don’t screw the country to score political points.

      • Rambie

        Try as they might the GOP couldn’t prevent the economy from slipping into a depression. Sure they slowed the recovey, but that too went faster than they wanted, they’ll still try to take credit and many will believe them.

        The Dems don’t Ned to block all, just the worst and explain why it’s a bad policy they are blocking. They need to learn to NOT let the GOP set the tone of debate.

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