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  • Salmenio

    Joe I don’t know if you know it or not, but this kind of media fraud happens more often than the average person thinks it does. Especially from “independent” reporters.

    I have seen it with my own eyes myself.

  • hahahaha LOL! “can we fix that in photoshop?” hahaa

  • Joe

    I didn’t run into it first hand…in fact, I WAS an independent report writing from New Delhi, Dacca, Madrid (and one story from Cypress) for a total of nearly 6 years. I never ran into this at all. Even in working on the staffs of two major chain newspapers, I never ran into it. It’s more the exception than the rule among reporters and photographers, most of whom play by the rules — which often may be rough and tumble rules in persisting to get a story. But altering photos and passing them along to editors and readers as tne unaltered thing? Nope. Never saw it. Anyway who tired it would have been fired immediately. Ditto on creating quotes or making up the names of sources. Those people would have been out within the day. The two newspapers I worked for were owned by Knight-Ridder and Copley Press. One reason why you don’t tsee this happening is that editors have their own ambitions and they seek to STOP this kind of crap on their watch, not perpetuate it. They want to develop a good repuation as tough editors, thorough newspeople so they can go onto a bigger job. Plus, believe it or not, most people in the news business do feel deeply about what they do and have ethics. Again, there are exceptions but any reader can visit a newspaper or tv station one day and ask to chat with a staffer briefly and they would see a normal, working human being.

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