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Posted by on Feb 14, 2013 in Featured | 14 comments

Fillibuster Hisssy Fit: Repubs Block Hagel Nom

WaPo reports Senate Republicans blocked a vote on Chuck Hagel’s nomination as secretary of defense today, Thursday, launching an unprecedented filibuster…

It also appears to be a noodle slap at the White House and other colleagues Dem and not so Dem.

The vote needed was 60 to move forward on the nomination. Received 58 votes. The filibuster which had little to do with statesmanship, was mainly a rant about Repubs getting no pleasure with President Obama [hardly new] and Senate Democrats [not new either].

The filibuster is notable some say rather breathlessly, for it is the first time this tactic has been used to block a Secretary of Defense nomination– although that might be somewhat like saying, this is the first time that a Blue Tick Hound has stood on its hind legs and danced.

It will seem to some a good thing. But I’d offer that it is a deadly irresponsible thing to think 1.) there is a perfect person for Sec of Defense [[often when looking at the likes of some in the past, the reaction is involuntary cud] and 2. which is most critical of all… our nation needing the oversight of an experienced person in this position as the nation’s Pentagon is readying to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and make deep and perhaps deadly budget cuts accordingly.

No one who witnessed the withdrawal of troops from Saigon can be in their most useful mind to think any withdrawal of large numbers of stabilizing troops will be serene. It will be mayhem and murder without a concrete plan by an engaged Secretary of Defense. The generals will follow THAT drumbeat.

Also, the numbers of suddenly unemployed and unlikely trained for civie life vets who will be discharged will be massive. What plan do the filibustettes have for the additional poverty and despair to come?

Many are, certainly I am, disgusted with congress people of ANY stripe who have a) never served in a war, deciding irresponsibly b) what will and must occur to others who are in war.

A filibuster at this time, is petulant, senile, and very much trying to play a caterwailing one string fiddle, while others’ actual lives are on the line.

There’s no pride to be taken in those who fritter away in fantasy trying to convince their egos, ‘Boy did I give that President, the Defense Department/ Pentagon and Chiefs of Staff a good drubbing. What a good boy are I. D’ja see that?? D’ja see whut I said??!!! Hey, ain’t I spay-chul??”

Save it for your mother to crow over her darling you.

Many are awake to this ongoing tripe played for the cameras instead of representing the populace who are in war zones. The people who see this merde in whichever affiliate party are not going back to sleep. I think we will see more and more citizens demanding that some of these round porridge pots running over, act like reasoned men. Statesmen. That was what they ran on. That’s what they’re expected to be and become.

the image is Lindsey Graham R/ Sen. who said in Dec 2012: “Here is where the President is going to have a rude awakening: We’ll get to the end of the year, there will probably be a small deal to get to the end of the year… I can tell you this: there is a hardening on the Republican side…”

Fine [not so]. Solve the issue NOW of returning masses of soldiers who are going to be in need. Let us know ‘your big plan’ Lindsey. And, just note, since you have 2014 to worry about being re-elected or dumped, how you deal with returning soldiers and their families, how carefully, how well, how orderly…. will be closely watched.

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