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Posted by on Jan 19, 2012 in Breaking News, Media, Science & Technology | 3 comments

Breaking: FBI Shows It Doesn’t Need SOPA/PIPA; Anonymous Strikes Back

Update 3, 3:20pm Pacific: Last week a British court ruled that a British student can be extradited to the U.S. for running a website with a .com address that linked to sites with pirated TV shows and films. Get used to copyright as the argument for America as a virtual Gitmo. Note: SOPA/PIPA not required for US Customs to treat links to allegedly copyrighted material like murder.

Update 2, 3:05 pm Pacific: From comments on my Google+ post, Justin Jensen writes: “I’ve always likened Anon’s DDoS attacks to an old civil disobedience standby: the sit-in. A mass of people occupying a place of business to draw attention to perceived injustice.”

Update 1, 2.45 pm Pacific: ArsTechnica reports attack on underway as well as the sites of Democrats in Congress who support SOPA/PIPA.

The day after the Net railed against #SOPA / #PIPA , the FBI shut down Hong Kong-based (a file-sharing site) and announced the arrest of four people in New Zealand. Per the WSJ:

The move pushed the raging piracy debate to new territory: the role of online lockers where users around the world store and share material, often times pirated movies and music.

The DOJ says MegaUpload has 50M users a day and “is responsible for at least $500 million in losses for the owners of the copyrights in question.” Pennies a day per user? Shut down the entire site because a few people share copyrighted material? Who the hell needs SOPA/PIPA, then?

In response, Anonymous has claimed responsibility for taking down the web sites associated with the DOJ, Universal Music Group, MPAA and the RIAA.

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  • hyperflow

    smells like china.
    Writing from beijing,

  • hyperflow

    Writing from beijing,
    this smells like china.

    The difference is of course that in the US you can protest.
    It will be interesting to find out if public position does not translate to public policy.

    Dont be surprised if you find watered down (or beefed up) versions of SOPA/PIPA return under new names. After all, we already have DMCA, ACTA, Patriot Act, etc, etc. America is losing democracy and gaining it at the same time: losing democracy from the view of elected leaders, gaining democracy in the numbers of street protests. Getting ready for a showdown, or perhaps we are all just entertaining ourselves. Bottom up power has the town downs scared, and they are fighting hard. This is neither the beginning nor the end, the way I see it this is only about the 3rd chapter.


  • Hi, Hyperflow – I agree that this is a logical next step in a troublesome progression.

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