The FBI has charged a Philadelphia man with threatening to kill Rep. Eric Cantor. Let’s just say this guy apparently has a bunch of issues, including issues with Jews. Details here.

PREDICTION: The climate has gotten so hateful right now in the country, look for the FBI to take these kinds of threats very seriously — whether the person threatened is a Democrat, Republican, liberal or conservative. With these charges it has now served notice that it’s not going to look the other way.

There is a difference between free speech and a threat of bodily harm — and in a democracy people should feel as if they are completely free to express their views and vote as they choose without seriously fearing that if they do that they or their families will be murdered by someone who sees things differently. Clearly, law enforcement officials have to determine what is over the line — and with these charges they’ve signaled that they do not intend to merely sit and ponder that question forever until someone’s body is being lowered into the ground.

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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For quite awhile you have brought us the craziest quote of the day. . . . How quickly things change. . .Now we have what is the craziest action of the day. . .They are coming fast. . .Here is another one i read this morning.

I use to believe there where only a few unbalanced people. . . Sigh. . . .


Good. If he did what he’s accused of then he deserves the penalty received. Now if we could get a few more of these loons (Whichever party the person they’re threatening belongs to.) prosecuted it will hopefully send a message.


What a nutcase! Glad to see they arrested him.


Now the dem. administration is learning..


These people really don’t belong as part of the Conservative or Liberal movements, they belong as part of the nutcase movement which crosses party lines.


Sadly, they still get lumped with “the other side” by those who are trying to bolster their image with a “they do it too!!” argument