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Posted by on Jun 4, 2010 in Health, Places, Politics, Science & Technology, Society | 0 comments

F BP and The Horse They Rode In On

Amid reports as yet unverified that Britbitch Petroleum has attempted to keep journalists and photographers from covering its egregious damage to human beings, land, water and creatures –by alledgedly threatening to arrest them if they try to enter or fly over the sticken land… photos are coming out anyway.

I memorialized at TMV last week the Deepwater Eleven, the 11 family men who lost their lives in the BP Deepwater well explosion… an explosion that didn’t leave bodies to bury, and injured others on the rig badly. I spoke about how relatives of the dead men said the BP executives who appeared to dutifully to attend some of the funerals also hightailed it out of the services without sitting with or communing with the survivor families. Speculation was BP execs fear lawsuits. Fear away BP. ‘They’s a hard rain gonna fall on ye’ anyways.

I noted one of the BP execs whining on camera about just now wanting to get back to his ‘regular’ life with his wife, that this whole ‘thing’ has been going on too long and pulling him away from… his usual pleasureable life.

There ain’t going to be any regular anything in your life Sir, for a lonnnnnnnng time to come. This stunning lack of this BP executive’s ability to hold the idea that death, real black dentures- snapping death is all around him and his company, and that he is called to heroics not to some namby pamby mealy-mouthed despond of excuses … is just mind-boggling.

I awoke suddenly from sleep on May 25th of the year 2010, for in a dream I saw that this oil spill would flow literally thousand miles away and would pollute the entire water sources of the ocean world. I was enraged. Enraged not at accidents, not at the stupidity of mere mortals who have had their freaking grand ideas about sterilizing the poor without telling them, taking miles of land away from others without compensaion just because they felt like it, whose whacked family-owner brothers and sons, like crazy King George or Elinor of Aquitane’s daft sons in charge, have ruined entire industries and livelihoods of literally millions of families of the hard working…

No. My rage was toward the sniveling, lead foot dragging industry that developed such lucretive oil drilling technology without also developing equal SAFETY technology, in advance of such a huge, huge disaster as we face now. Not just in the Gulf. In the world.

Tell me oil gobbets arent going to wash up on pristine shores worldwide.

Tell me fish and what they eat, arent going to ingest this cr– and wind up polluting the food tables for years to come, and humans will just have to hope their bodies make adaptations to the swill of petrol in their foodchains.

Tell me the roots of the grasses of the marshes are not going to be contaminated to the seventh generation of the seventh generation.

Tell me the fragile and seasonal economies in a time of already suckerpunched incomes are not going to be affected. Much.

Tell me wildlife kill of completely innocent creatures who lift our days and nights just to see them, wont be huge, that those creatures won’t die and be disposed of like oil-sotted cordwood.

I dare you to tell me ‘studying’ the problem for a few more weeks and months, while Mother Earth hemorrhages is going to solve things.

Tell me more human life will not be put at risk, the working men and women’s lives put at risk in order to bail out some Saville Row dunces who are so used to priviledge, that they all begin to look just like Ken Lay’s wife whining –after her hubby and Skillings bilked thousands of senior citizens out of what they thought were their retirement savings–, and the woman had the timerity to be snivelling about maybe she and Mr. Lay wouldnt be able to keep their Aspen mansion.

Tell me that new tech that could help solve some of these hideous issues wont get bogged down by red tape from the BP overseers, that new can break through.

Tell me that all the ‘presidents’ men’ and humpty dumpty can be sewn together again.

And I’ll believe you, believe in you again.

When hell freezes over.

I’m a woman of peace with few lapses, but BP and all their cronies and cronettes have gone too far. It’s one thing to drill with all safety backups fully seated. It’s another to move recklessly through the hearts and lives of human beings and creatures and earth, mounting a moneymaking machine for oneself, hell with safety and protocols, screw definitive and effective remedies.

And in all, the principles in this disaster for the world, not once displaying even a speck of conscience.

Who else do we know in history who moved in these ways and without conscience destroying land and people and creatures? What was their end? And what damage did they inflict before they were taken down. And weren’t they taken down when neither land nor creatures nor people could any longer tolerate rhetoric over reality…

That time has now come. Reality over rhetoric. And in spades.

That outcry you hear, is not just Mother Earth, it’s the souls of the world: us. And lest some think that cry is one of weakness, it’s not… it’s our roar of unmitigated rage.

And if some think people are becoming too incensed over this, I’d say they are under-incensed about this, and that something’s awry with one’s basic survival instincts to not see the trajectories of this situation in the present and future.

Do whatever you can to help that is within your reach. I’ll be doing same.

***see related articleWhy Human Beings Grieve the Deaths of Creatures,” by Dr. CP Estés

****see also, Has Someone Ordered a Media Blackout Regarding BP’s Veritable Vesuvius? by Dr. CP Estés
Above, a brown pelican who flew into marshes this week without realizing what BP’s and comrades abject lack of care had allowed to occur. AP photographer Charles Riedel is a superb photographer who clearly sees the creatures as living beings, rather than “collateral damage.”

Regarding some people saying ‘it’s the Brits’ fault,’ as in all of Great Britain is the culprit. It’s not. It matters not where in the world BP came from, here, across the pond, elsewhere. The lack of conscience rests in many power mongers worldwide. Nationality has nothing to do with it. And there is this eerie silence of the big US oil drillers for us to scry also. Were their relief wells in place before drilling? We shall see, wont we. The people of the United Kingdom are not responsible for what BP does, did or will do. Other nations are like us: the majority, good salt of the earth people.

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