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Posted by on Aug 17, 2011 in International | 3 comments

Exploding Cigars

Cardow, The Ottawa Citizen

This copyrighted cartoon is licensed to run on TMV. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

  • Allen

    This is really funny!

    But really, I would think that the Chinese already know how to create carbon fiber and I doubt that they can reverse engineer the dried paint or replicate the process to make it.

  • DLS

    Judging by their recent high-speed train fiasco revealed by the crash, I am even more unsurprised that they covet all manner of things we design and produce.

  • Allen

    All they got was the tail rotor section? What happened to the rest of the helicopter, because it sure as hell didn’t fly away. Oh yeah, it was destroyed in place by the team. Guess the tail-rotor section was not important enough to burn up.

    Not worried.

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