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Posted by on Apr 15, 2012 in Media, Politics, Society | 5 comments

Evidence of Romney Etch a Sketch on Mothers at Home Controversy?

Unlike a lot of others I do NOT agree that this week’s mini-firestorm over respecting mothers who stay at home was “manufactured” at all (and yes, I am in disagreement with MSNBC, some less partisan Republicans and almost all Democrats). I’ve known too many mothers (including my own) who raised children as not just a fulltime job but a fulltime job where they put in overtime that never ended. They never got even a one cent “raise” and many cases a sufficient thank you.

That being said, there is now evidence that (surprise) once again Mitt Romney and the GOP’s indignation was compartmentalized to be aimed at Democrats and ignored some assertions on the GOP’s own side.

Like this one from Mitt Romney. And also THIS.

Attention Democrats and Republicans: this IS the age of You Tubes, searches of file video, and Googling. If you take a strong position, project angry indignation, demand an apology or change from the other side and then did the same thing or virtually same thing, it is likely to come out. And likely to be used in political ads, be picked up by late night comedians and become a political narrative.

The question in 2012 will be which side does a better job of exposing the hypocrisy of the other side and convincing the voters that the other party’s hypocrisy and hypocrites are worse.

Romney more than Obama at this point seems a treasure chest of potential political riches in contradictory statements — particularly if he chooses try and inch back to the center. Moving to the center was much easier years ago than it will be today.

The question is whether this Romney clip goes beyond bloggers and whether he and the GOP will be asked to put this into context given the controversy this week.

But both sides need to realize: a political Etch a Sketch won’t work in 2012.

Meanwhile, leave it to Bill Maher to provide yet another example of how liberals who feel being politically outrageous morph into the Rush Limbaughs they supposedly don’t wish to emulate. All that’s different is a “l” rather than a “c” — and both make me think this.

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  • RP

    “The question in 2012 will be which side does a better job of exposing the hypocrisy of the other side and convincing the voters that the other party’s hypocrisy and hypocrites are worse.”

    And a large number of knowledge deprived voters will believe the crud from the side of the ledger they follow and vote for that candidate. The debates will not be substative, they will ask dumb questions like “who is the prime minister of Ba-Dunk-A-Dunk” that has no relationship to the problems this country faces and voters will make decisions based on information that is of no use. Soundbites and 1/2 truths will guide the voters to make decisions.

    America deserves better!!!!

  • zephyr

    I agree “America deserves better” (if for no other reason than out of respect for the better Americans who have gone before and for the future generations who will inherit what we leave them) but the voters themselves are as complicit in this dysfunctional process as the forces who court their votes. Think about the huge number of qualified voters who don’t care enough about their country to even take part in the process. Think about all the voters who automatically support one camp of the other without bothering to inform themselves of the records and realities of who they are voting for. There are big differences between the two parties, but this gets lost in the midst of all the disinformation – no thanks to a dumbed down and unresponsible fourth estate.

  • StockBoyLA

    I like Mitt Romney… the 1994 version.

  • CStanley

    Stockboy- so do you like Obama version 2012 as much as you liked Obama 2008? (assuming you did, i don’t really recall if you were enthusiastic or not then so feel free to correct me if the premise of my question is off base.)

  • Rcoutme

    A pox on both your houses.

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