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Posted by on Jul 9, 2010 in Miscellaneous, Politics, Society | 0 comments


Justice Clarence Thomas like his extremist cohorts on the Supreme Court has not shown a lot of empathy for the common man.  But it would appear that empathy makes an appearance when it’s one of their own that is a victim

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is reportedly “outraged” after security guards at a New Orleans-area hospital were accused of punching and tasing his epileptic nephew, a news report states.

Derek Thomas was admitted to West Jefferson Hospital in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Thursday, after a possible suicide attempt, reports ABC affiliate WGNO.

When the Supreme Court justice’s nephew refused to put on a hospital gown and said he wanted to leave the hospital, doctors ordered security to restrain him.

Security guards “punched him in his lip, pulled out more than a fistful of his dreadlocks and tasered him to restrain him,” a statement from Thomas’ family said.

Shortly afterwards, family members say, Thomas suffered a “massive epileptic seizure.”

Of course this happens every day but the wingers like Thomas  are only outraged when it happens to one of their own.  Will Thomas learn anything from this?  Hell no!  He’s proud to be an extremist.

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