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Posted by on Apr 11, 2010 in Politics | 0 comments

Elizabeth Warren for Supreme Court

Of all the speculation over who might be named to fill Justice John Paul Stevens’ Supreme Court seat, my preferred pick was voiced just now by Arianna Huffington on ABC News This Week: Elizabeth Warren.

Ezra Klein names her, too:

Durbin_Schumer_Announce_Financial_Product_mhfMmb8_Sjhl.jpgHarvard Law professor and financial regulation expert Elizabeth Warren, whose appointment would be an admission that many of the Court’s most consequential decisions are on economic and regulatory matters, rather than just on the cultural issues that tend to dominate nomination hearings. Warren is primarily controversial because she’s pretty tough on Wall Street, which may not be a fight the GOP wants to pick right now.

From last year, when the winner was Justice Sonia Sotomayor, David Fontana of George Washington University and Seth Grossman, who clerked for Justice Stephen Breyer and is a lawyer at Jenner & Block, writing in Slate (and also mentioned by our own Jerry Remmers):

For years before the bubble burst, Warren warned us about the dangers of subprime mortgages. She has proved masterful at communicating this message to the public and to Washington. Her life story is an embodiment of what people can do when given the economic opportunities she has advocated in her writings. The daughter of a janitor, Warren did not attend elite private universities—she went to the University of Houston and Rutgers law school before eventually joining the Harvard faculty. The current Supreme Court has no justices with expertise in business matters, and has been pushing the law in a conservative direction in such cases. Warren adds that expertise as well as a progressive perspective. And for a White House that likes nominees it knows, it is important to note that the president met Warren years ago, and promoted many of Warren’s ideas during his presidential campaign.

The Examiner also includes her on the unofficial short list.

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