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Posted by on Nov 10, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Election Fallout Part II

Bull Moose looks at the election results and explains that it signals a resurgence in the power and clout of Democratic governors — a good sign for the Democrats. Read the entire post but here’s the most intriguing quote:

Look for a White House intervention by the Bushie Consigliere, Jimmy Baker. Undoubtedly, a 911 call has gone out from Kennebunkport pleading, “Houston, we have a problem.” Junior’s Administration may be put in receivership. In retrospect, it is ironic that the Chapter 11 President signed the bankruptcy reform bill.

Yes, it is interesting how Baker, who was not beloved by many hard-core conservatives, looks so solid, level-headed and politically professional compared to what’s going on now in the present administration. It’ll be interesting to see if (a) there are any substantive staff changes, even if done in a way that tries to skirt public notice, and (b) if it does seem as if Baker or some Bush-Administration-I-type Republicans are involved.

There are several factors arguing against this ever happening — including an admission of any kind of disarray. But Moose’s point about the Democratic governors is right on the button.

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