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Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in Breaking News | 10 comments

Edward Snowden Tells South China Morning Post He Took NSA Job to Gather Information on Surveillance Program

The South China Morning Post is reporting Edward Snowden took Booz Allen Hamilton contractor job so he could gather cyber evidence from the National Security Agency. I have long maintained that there was no way for Edward Snowden to do what he did unless he had ulterior motives — to gather information for the purpose of leaking. He is a traitor, plain and simple.

Edward Snowden secured a job with a US government contractor for one reason alone – to obtain evidence on Washington’s cyberspying networks, the South China Morning Post can reveal.

For the first time, Snowden has admitted he sought a position at Booz Allen Hamilton so he could collect proof about the US National Security Agency’s secret surveillance programmes ahead of planned leaks to the media.

“My position with Booz Allen Hamilton granted me access to lists of machines all over the world the NSA hacked,” he told the Post on June 12. “That is why I accepted that position about three months ago.”

During a global online chat last week, Snowden also stated he took pay cuts “in the course of pursuing specific work”.

His admission comes as US officials voiced anger at Hong Kong, and indirectly Beijing, after the whistle-blower was allowed to leave the city on Sunday.

This revelation (which wasn’t a surprise to me) comes as White House press secretary Jay Carney ripped into Hong Kong and China for allowing the “fugitive” Edward Snowden to leave despite having “plenty time” to stop him. He believes it was a deliberate move on the part of China to allow Snowden to leave, saying this will have a negative impact on US-China relations. Snowden reportedly left Hong Kong using refugee papers issued by Ecuador.

This was cross-posted from The Hinterland Gazette.

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  • Willwright

    So he decided what the NSA was doing was wrong even before he found out what they were doing there? This guy is certainly prescient.

  • david_lewis

    Exposing wrong doing and clear violations of our constitution is not a crime. Neither is taking a job to reveal the largest program of suspicionless surveillance in human history.

    I believe Edward Snowden acted on his conscious.

    In that difficult trade off of privacy for security, we are all the better off for his actions – even some intelligence agencies are embarrassed and even if some in power are red faced and angry at him.

  • sheknows

    June 12th? And we are just hearing this now…two weeks later? It’s not like this communication is coming from outside our solar system.

    The only real harm he has caused is that he has revealed what is going on and that is a huge embarrassment to our govt. I doubt other nations are surprised by this news and based on Walter Brasch’s article the other day…please, this is hardly new to anyone.
    Things were much better when the American people were completely in the dark, just the way they have always been. Perhaps some people were happier there too, as ignorance is bliss.

    I do not know if there was a better way for this information to ever be revealed to the people. We can only speculate and create imaginary scenarios involving such a leak to the people, but it is done now.
    Anyone, in any manner who told the American people that our government was collecting meta data on every move a person makes in this country 24/7 would be called a traitor by this govt. I’m sure. But here we are, screaming for our first amendment rights when journalists are hassled, and yet willing to trade off our 4th amendment rights in a heartbeat…the very same people mind you.

  • The_Ohioan

    Aha, now it becomes clear. Mr. Snowden was acting in the role of an investigative reporter! He just forgot to get the journalism degree first. Oh, well, Breitbart will probably take him on; journalism degrees aren’t so important over there.

  • KP

    The harm done by Snowden is that he has caused significant emabarrassment to our President and America. I don’t like to see China and Russia gleeful about punking our President. They were waiting for the opportunity.

    Is this the time to revisit discussions about the US missile defense complex in Poland as leverage rather than unilateral nuclear disarmament? Or is this the time to remind Russia that they would benefit from our technology support to help them open a market here. Perhaps compete with us; or sell cultural fashion, or food or wine or any number of things they are currently incapable of. Maybe both? We do have leverage.

    I hope our President to steps up!

  • dduck

    What KP said.

  • The_Ohioan

    If the only harm has been embarrassment to the President and the country, any espionage charges will likely not be proven in court. In the case of charges of the theft of government property, however, it would be difficult to avoid conviction since Mr. Snowden has admitted that that is what he did.

    If we are very lucky, embarrassment will be the most damage done, but that assessment is months, maybe years, away. Certainly the U.S. internet companies and internet business in general are facing severe economic losses due to their compliance with the government’s requests for information. The terrorist activities that will be disrupted by this information are yet unknown, indeed may never be known.

  • sheknows

    “Certainly the U.S. internet companies and internet business in general are facing severe economic losses due to their compliance with the government’s requests for information.” I certainly hope so!
    If that is what is a concern to people in this country, than we REALLY have our priorities screwed up.

  • The_Ohioan


    I assume the economic losses are of a concern only to the CEO’s, employees, and stockholders of those companies – other than the people who would like to see them go out of business because of their compliance; I’m not quite that sanguine. No doubt the job market will soon be overrun with IT types, which should ease the problems other companies have had in getting trained skilled IT employees. All’s well that ends well.

  • KP

    No doubt the job market will soon be overrun with IT types, which should ease the problems other companies have had in getting trained skilled IT employees.


    Until then, as NBC has been saying each day, over 12,000 times since 1965, These are the “Days Of Our Lives” (DOOL).

    Cue music.

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