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  • DLS

    Exploding eggs? Please, oh, please…

  • White Agent

    Its comments like DLS’s that make me want to vote for Hillary.

  • DLS

    > Its comments like DLS’s that make me want to vote for Hillary.

    She will benefit from many who decide by emotion, not reason.

  • White Agent

    We will be a more Socialist nation or we will cease to exist as a nation, that much is obvious. Uncontrolled capitalism is a false panacea of hidden oppression, corruption, and, greed. It is without honor, morality, and, God. The voter understands this now. Its far from just “emotion”.

  • DLS

    > We will be a more Socialist nation
    > or we will cease to exist as a nation,
    > that much is obvious.

    It’s not obvious at all. While we’ve seen a trend in the direction you desire, it was repudiated in 1980 along with liberalism’s failures (leaving the Left reactionary ever since, revanchist, too). Many who would vote for Hillary (particularly if they know how far left she has been when not having to hide this from voters) may hope for more “progress” (as they vapidly do even more with Obama), but that’s not going to prove a miracle and it’s not what many Americans want at all.

    The experience of the United Kingdom in the 1970s prior to the 1980 elections there should be something you should study if you want to “progress” beyond the US model of vast regulations and remote control rather than outright government ownership. Americans wisely do not want the federal government to nationalize whatever is desired, such as coal companies, power companies, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, the airlines, oil companies, Microsoft, Google, Nike, etc.

    Many may want the federal government to take over health care (on a more public model than Hillary’s earlier fascistic HMO-based “alliance” scheme). You will soon see new problems arise that were only hinted at (if you have avoided seeking them; they were well known if you simply studied it) in VA medicine for decades. Hope for the better things that improvement to the VA recently may promise, rather than the frequent situation that makes “VA horror stories” a cliche from frequent use.

    As to what else the Left wants, more entitlements, these will grow and eat away at the rest of the federal government like a cancer, while the federal government spending itself reaches unknown levels and proportions of the US economy. This will prove harmful and eventually there will be resistance by those unable as unwilling to pay more. Government program benefits will have to be reduced or terminated; government retirement pensions and benefits will have to be reduced or terminated because their costs will become very high as well. Only fools believe all the costs can easily be paid through more and higher taxes, or that government should borrow more or simply print what it needs. Hopefully it will never come to a need as well to repudiate federal government debt as part of runaway cost control.

    Our only consolation with entitlements as well as with sickness in the economy from inhibition by government is that our problems are less bad and will be less bad than Europe’s.

    In the meantime, Hillary can and will buy many votes and probably be elected in 2008, so I suppose you can hope for more. Could be more conventional things (more regulation as well as putting everyone under Medicare), could be more socialistic (replace private contractors like Halliburton that do government work with non-profit organizations; take over some state government programs or functions), could be radical (fascistic federal corporate charters with “social responsibility” and other political pollution accmpanying them, actual takeover of some industries’ property as well as control of their operations). I doubt post-2008 “progress” will be that radical. Too many Americans won’t tolerate that.

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