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Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 in At TMV | 1 comment

Dreher on GOP Civil War

Rod Dreher on the threat of primary challenges against GOP Congressmen voting to end the shutdown in The American Conservative.

RINO hunt! This is astonishing, and can only be driven by an ideological mindset so impervious to reality that it would rather destroy political conservatism’s chances of actually running the country than succumb to the least impurity in the ranks. The movement types really do believe that the GOP lost because it was stabbed in the back by its own people at Versailles on Capitol Hill. The GOP tribalism is devolving into a Lord’s Resistance Army conservatism, after the fanatical Ugandan cultists who believe that shea butter and their confidence in God makes them impervious to bullets.

The thing about this dynamic is that the purer the activists make the GOP, the weaker the party becomes, and thus the less likely to achieve policy goals. Which just drives the forces of purgation harder. Ted Cruz rules the Jacobin Republicans now, but he should remember what happened to Robespierre.

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  • ProWife

    This is as moderate as I can get. Imagine the real GOP changing it’s strategy away from relying on the radical right Tea Party set to focusing on it’s old pals, the “Reagan Democrats.” The logistics of pouring out the Ted Cruz Tea set may require a third party movement. Maybe the GOP should go Independent and let Ted Cruz and the tea keep the R?

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