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Posted by on Apr 5, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment, At TMV, Media, Society | 3 comments

Dr. Phil And The Lack Of Shame

As some of you may have read a couple is under investigation by federal authorities after going on national television to admit they and their children run a shoplifting scheme that earns them $ 100,000 a year. Now I think we could all admit that from time to time we are prone to catching a few minutes of a Jerry Springer kind of show. There is a certain car accident aspect to it. But to watch people admit to a criminal enterprise is a bit much for me.

As I listened to the story a few things struck me in particular.

1. The fact that these people would use their children to commit crimes, thus teaching them no morals.

2. The fact that Dr. Phil would bring them on the show and act like it’s just a story that these people are criminals

3. The fact that none of them considered the fact that by going on national TV to admit the crimes that it was just possible a cop somewhere might catch the show.

I am not sure which of the following bothers me more, but I do know that they all add up to a pretty sad state of affairs.

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