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Posted by on Aug 8, 2011 in At TMV, Breaking News, Business, Economy | 36 comments

Dow Closes Down Roughly 635 Points

The Dow Jones Average is down about 635 points at closing, finishing at right around 10,810. This of course is hardly news as the market has been on a steady downslope for about a week now.

Just to give perspective, on July 21st the market closed at 12,724 so the DJIA has lost almost 2,000 points in about two weeks or 15% down.

However just to look at things in full perspective, one year ago the market closed at 10,698 so we are about where we were a year ago.

Not good but not that catastrophic either.

UPDATE: Barack Obama’s statement in response to recent financial events and the stock market roller coaster ride:

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