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Posted by on Oct 24, 2017 in Journalism, Media, Politics, War | 0 comments

CNN’s Don Lemon’s Open letter to Trump: “Please Stop” (MUST watch video)

CNN anchor Don Lemon read an open letter he wrote to President Donald Trump and Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson, regarding Trump’s Twitter feud with the grieving young widow. This MUST WATCH video also features Lemon making an important point on this Trump-fueled controversy, in terms of the man who often seems forgotten (by the White House) in this: the late Sgt. La David Johnson.

And I need to add this from another post:

A bit of disclosure here. I’ve been on CNN a bit over the years as an independent, moderate voter talking head on some of CNN’s Don Lemon’s shows. But way before that, I told people that in the way he interviews and tries to get responses from his interview subjects, he’s very “old school,” particularly when it comes to not letting guests be evasive and get away with it. I also read and reviewed his book several years ago.

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