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Posted by on Aug 25, 2015 in 2016 Presidential Election | 14 comments

Do Donald Trump and his supporters want the Democratic Party to win the White House in 2016?


Watching Donald Trump rise in popularity within the GOP is like watching a train wreck, with the train being the GOP.

Right now, Democrats must be on their knees thanking God for Donald Trump, because the 2016 presidential election was going to be lost by them until he jumped into the contest.

Trump would be a side-show attraction in the current political circus if it weren’t for the alleged Republicans who are cheering him on. The latter are behaving like Minions in search of a villain to serve. Well, they have found one.

Are Trump’s supporters oblivious to the fact that Trump’s rantings are as toxic as Gru’s jelly?

Charles Krauthammer writes, “If you are a conservative alarmed at the country’s direction and committed to retaking the White House, you should be concerned about what Trump’s ascendancy is doing to the chances of that happening. The Democrats’ presumptive candidate is flailing badly. Republicans have an unusually talented field with a good chance of winning back the presidency. Do they really want to be dragged into the swamps — right now, on immigration — that will make that prospect electorally impossible? Yes, I understand. The anger, the frustration, etc., etc., that Trump is channeling. But how are these alleviated by yelling “I’m mad as hell” — and proceeding to elect Hillary Clinton?”

In a Washington Post column, George Will says this:

It has come to this: The GOP, formerly the party of Lincoln and ostensibly the party of liberty and limited government, is being defined by clamors for a mass roundup and deportation of millions of human beings. To will an end is to will the means for the end, so the Republican clamors are also for the requisite expansion of government’s size and coercive powers.

Most of Donald Trump’s normally loquacious rivals are swaggeringly eager to confront Vladimir Putin but are too invertebrate — Lindsey Graham is an honorable exception — to voice robust disgust with Trump and the spirit of, the police measures necessary for and the cruelties that would accompany his policy.

In a Weekly Standard blog post, Jay Cost explains just how amateurish Trump is.

The winning political position for conservatives is to insist on proper enforcement mechanisms and a visa program that works for the whole country, and then to deal compassionately with the people who are already here illegally – some form of legal status that falls short of citizenship. To whatever extent they constitute a public policy problem, it does not justify the draconian measure of mass deportation. Instead, conservatives should focus on fixing the system that let them in.

But Trump seems incapable of such nuance. For instance, he told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that illegal immigrants in this country “have to go,” including the DREAMers (i.e. those illegal immigrants who were brought here as children, have no criminal backgrounds, and gone to college or joined the military). This is an unequivocal loser for conservatives. The DREAMers, after all, are a small cohort who receive outsized national attention because they are a politically sympathetic group. A skillful politician would gladly compromise on the DREAMers, knowing that the real goal is to ensure that effective enforcement mechanisms take effect before any legalization.

But Trump is not a skillful politician. He is an amateur, and a vain one at that. Todd baited the hook, and Trump eagerly took a chomp. He couldn’t help himself, even though it makes him look like a nativist, not to mention a statist. How many federal police officers would be needed to track down 11 million illegal immigrants? More than I care to hire, that’s for sure.

It used to be that angry villagers would attack a monster with torches and pitchforks, but the Howard Beale wing of the GOP is cheering the monster of Manhattan, despite the damage that Trumpenstein is doing to the GOP village.

Oh well, if Dr. Nefario can create a cure for Gru’s Minions, then perhaps he can create a cure for Trump’s. It’s too bad that a fart gun won’t work on Trump, because he stinks already.


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  • JSpencer

    “Republicans have an unusually talented field” – Charles Krauthammer

    The suspension of disbelief required to make that statement is incredible! Do these people live on a different planet? Lordy…

    Meanwhile, Go Trump! If if makes the CK’s on the right nervous, then it can’t be all bad. 😉

  • interguru

    I do not think Trump is going anywhere, but if you listen to his rhetoric and substitute “jews” for “mexicans” it sounds like Europe in the 1920s.

    I realize that I am flirting with Goodwin’s Law, but there is a resemblance. Or a nicer level he sounds like a mashup of Putin, Berlusconi, George Wallace, Huey Long and Juan Peron.

    I worry about a more subtle future incarnation of Trump.

    • Sal Monela

      His name is Ted Cruz. BTW George Will’s comments are right on the money.

      • dduck12

        Cruz is small, he will never be big, how this “subtle” little snake inherit any mantel, let alone a Trump.
        I admit it, there is no one I can think of, except possibly in show business, that could be the next Trump, subtle or not..

      • Brownies girl

        Up-voting you on your George Will comment – I’ve never agreed with ANYTHING Will has written, but you’re right, he’s dead on the money with the above comment. On the other hand, Cruz is too dumb to be devious. He hasn’t had an original thought since this campaign began, he merely copies others. And he’s the furthest thing from subtle I can imagine. Cruz ain’t the “more skilled future incarnation of Trump” that Interguru worries about. But Interguru’s right to worry about it — can’t see anyone who fits that bill right now — but count on it, there’s somebody out there, and s/he’s coming. And it ain’t far off, IMO.

    • dduck12

      I don’t agree with your views. The parallel lines are not, and they depend on hyperbole and partisan hatred. And, you forgot Caligula.

    • DdW

      Hi Interguru,

      Saw the same comment on Ornstein’s piece (déjà vu and all that), so here goes my comment from then (It has not changed) 🙂

      I worry about a more skilled future incarnation of Trump.

      Amen, Interguru.

      Added: Ted Cruz could be “it,” especially if you throw McCarthy into your “mashup.” and all that), so

      • JSpencer

        Agreed Dorian, and given the willingness of the political right to get all in a swoon about people who moderates, independents, and liberals find abhorrent, crazy, or just terribly uninformed (do I need to mention names?) Well, the worry you express isn’t one I find far-fetched. I’m pretty sure there were plenty of people who went to their graves believing Joe McCarthy was merely misunderstood.

  • moonlitknight

    Now more than ever it is my belief that this has been his intention from the beginning. He is exposing the ugly underbelly of the republican party to destroy what little remains of the republican brand.

    • dduck12

      By that logic, shouldn’t he go all the way. If he does, we would have Trumpian in the WH, not really a Rep.

      • JSpencer


        Sounds like a character from Alice in Wonderland to me. 😉

        • dduck12

          That’s what Bill O’Reilly is calling him. He is not a Rep or even a Dem.

    • Brownies girl

      I can’t believe that for a second. Trump isn’t that generous, and he sure as hell ain’t that smart or devious. With an ego the size of Manhattan and a reasoning capability and sensitivity the size of a dried pea, he’s in it to win. God help America if he does.

  • shannonlee

    What scares me is that there are people out there that actually believe Trump is the real deal. Its nuts.

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